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Design tips for different types of PCBA manufacturing

It is important to note that the final performance rating (assembly, welding, cleaning and testing) of a PCBA cannot be higher than the performance rating specified for a bare board or prefabricated PCB. Therefore, to obtain a Class 3 PCBA, IPC Class 3 mu

PCB design software features to ensure design integrity

Circuit Analysis capabilities Many of today's leading EDA programs lack extensive circuit analysis capabilities. It is useful to provide PDN information or heat distribution; However, advanced circuit analysis capable of performance testing is a distinct

2021 PCB Design and Engraving Overview: PCB Design Software

Here will be an overview of some of the methods, materials, software, and tools available to produce PCBS, and hopefully it will be able to help you get started designing PCBS

PCB multi-layer board design suggestions and examples

the core board (GND to POWER) should not be too thick to reduce the distributed impedance of the power supply and ground plane; Ensure the decoupling effect of the power plane.

Power PCB application tips for PCB design software

In general, high density boards do not add ICT. If you want to add ICT, you can set test piont in the schematic and transfer it to the network table; It can also be added by hand.

Impedance design of PCB

Impedance design of PCB1. Definition of impedance:At a certain frequency, in the transmission signal line of an electronic device, relative to a certain reference layer, the resistance suffered by the high-frequency signal or electromagnetic wave during p

PCBA: How to design the best printed circuit board assembly

Transforming your design into a complete physical structure requires three steps: 1) manufacturing, 2) component procurement and 3) assembly. Printed circuit board assembly or PCBA is one of two PCB manufacturing processes. The other stage is manufacturin

Impedance matching in DI PCB design

Matching resistance selection principle: The sum of the matching resistance value and the output impedance of the driver is equal to the characteristic impedance of the transmission line. The output impedance of common CMOS and TTL drivers will vary with

Complete PCB Assembly (PCBA) Design Guide

Complete PCB Assembly (PCBA) Design GuidePCB Assembly GuidelinesPCBs, or printed circuit boards, are the unsung heroes of modern electronics. Most users have no idea how the components in the electronic devices they know and love work together. But for en

Design PCB stack layer

Design PCB stack layerHow to design circuit boards in ten stepsWhen designing the circuit board, sometimes it seems that the final design will be a long and arduous journey. Whether it is the basic knowledge ofnt cop micro -treatmeper and solder, or tryin

Crosstalk is ubiquitous in high speed and high density PCB designs

In PCB wiring, Stripline circuits can show a good balance between inductive and capacitive coupling, and the forward coupling energy is very small.

Processing of power supply and ground wire in PCB design

Many PCBS are now no longer single-function circuits, but a mixture of digital and analog circuits. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the problem of interference between them when wiring, especially the noise interference on the ground wire.

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