Professional PCB manufacturing and assembly
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Efficient Design

Parallel design to shorten lead time, conventional can shorten PCB design time by 50%

Positioning difficult design

The maximum design scale is 90000pin, which can provide HDI/Any layer PCB design, 3D PCB design, RF design, 56G high-speed design, etc.

Professional design team

PCB design team with an average of more than 12 years of work experience, with complete design software, such as Cadence Allegro\ORCAD, Mentor WG\PADS, etc.

What are the precautions for copper pouring in PCB design?

Copper coating as an important part of PCB design, whether it is domestic PCB design software, or some Protel abroad, then how to apply copper?

How does PCB design prevent others from copying the board?

In PCB design, after completing the PCB design​ through many levels, the most important thing is the copyright issue, and plagiarism is common.

PCB design technology is very complex

professional PCB design for more than 20 years, next for everyone to share the eight common technical problems of PCB design.

PCB assembly manufacturers introduce the basic PCB design process in detail

PCB design is a very detailed work, so the design should be very careful and patient, fully considering various factors, including production PCB assembly processing, post-maintenance convenience and other issues. In addition, developing some good working

Will the design error of screen printing position number affect PCBA patch processing?

Will the design error of screen printing position number affect PCBA patch processing? It can be clearly said that the screen printing position number does not determine whether the final patch is correct.

SMT patch processing BOM list arrangement precautions

Since the BOM list provided by the customer is not perfect, the general SMT patch processing plant needs to be converted into the form of internal company files for issuance

PCB Design High-Speed Signal Layout Can Be 90° Line?

Now the high-speed digital signal transmission rate is getting higher and higher, 90° Angle wiring will no longer meet the requirements.

PCB Board Design Process Ten Defects Summary

Defects in the PCB board design process will bring huge hidden dangers to the finished product.

24 Tips To Reduce Noise And Electromagnetic Interference In PCB Design

24 tips to reduce noise and electromagnetic interference in PCB design,

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