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circuit board design

How to optimize circuit board design

With the popularity of SMT lead-free process technology, the demand for PCB substrate is getting higher and higher. The performance of PCB can be improved from the design of PCB.

Several characteristics of microwave RF circuit board design

In concept, wireless transmitter and receiver can be divided into two parts: fundamental frequency and radio frequency. Includes the frequency scale of the input signal of the transmitter and the frequency scale of the output signal of the receiver.

PCB circuit board design should pay attention to the seven steps

The first step to enter the PCB circuit board system is to set the PCB preset background, including setting the grid volume and type, cursor type, version layer reference, wiring reference, etc.

Notice and operation skills of circuit board design

For you to introduce the circuit board design precautions and operation skills :1, the processing level definition to be clear, 2, the distance from the copper foil frame can not be too close, 3, can not use the filler block picture welding pad, 4, electr

PCB circuit board design

PCB design is based on the circuit schematic diagram to achieve the function required by the circuit designer. Excellent design can save production cost, achieve good circuit performance and heat dissipation performance.

Circuit board design: PCB size and shape requirements

With the 3D capabilities of the layout tool, designers can interactively handle their component placement in real time and correct all clearance errors in the design's mechanical features.

How to ground circuit board design

The following introduces common circuit board analysis methods: 1, AC equivalent circuit analysis method, 2, frequency characteristics analysis method, 3, DC equivalent circuit analysis method, 4, time constant analysis

China's pcb circuit board design and manufacturing industry is a highly competitive "field of cultivation"

From the current situation, only our country has recovered the supply of products in a short time, accelerating the trend of domestic replacement of PCB industry.

A brief discussion on circuit board design criteria for ensuring signal integrity

Signal integrity circuit board design criteria include SI problems, pre-design preparation, cascade, crosstalk and impedance control, high-speed nodes, technology selection, pre-wiring stage, post-wiring SI simulation, post-manufacturing stage, model sele

Ten PCB circuit board design questions and answers

PCB technology is very complex, involving many aspects of the problem, whether in the design stage or the production stage, there are a lot of problems need to be answered.

Interconnect for impedance circuit board design

Understand PCB design, PCB assembly and PCB layout in PCB related industries, and Interconnect for impedance circuit board design

PCB material properties to be considered in circuit board design

The PCB processing factory explains the PCB material properties, PCB substrate, conductor and component material properties that should be considered when designing the circuit board.

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