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The basic elements of SMT chip processing technology

Another important consideration when designing automotive system boards is grounding. Since the vehicle is not in contact with the ground, its electronic systems must be designed to take advantage of chassis grounding technology

SMT chip technology process

SMT chip technology processThe SMT patch process is divided into: solder paste printing, SMT patch, intermediate inspection, reflow soldering, post-stove inspection, performance test, and repair.SMT patch process flow chart1. Solder paste printing machine

Finished product testing of integrated circuit chips

Finished product testing of integrated circuit chips1. Chip introduction74HC138 is a three-channel input, eight-channel output decoder. The 74HC138 decoder accepts 3-bit binary code inputs (A0, A1 and A2). 74HC138 has 3 enable terminals: Eˉ1 and Eˉ2 are a

The difference between PCB circuit and chip circuit

The difference between PCB circuit and chip circuitDifference: PCB is a printed circuit board; IC is an integrated circuit. An integrated circuit is a general-purpose circuit integrated into a chip. It is a whole. Once it is damaged inside, the chip will

PCBA chip processing and assembly method and production process

PCBA chip processing and assembly method and production processWith the development trend of electronic PCBA patch processing and assembly towards practicality and high assembly density, SMT surface patch technology has now become the mainstream technolog

What is the chip mainly composed of

What is the chip mainly composed ofWhy does the led industry use MCPCB Metal Core PCB Heat Dissipation Design rules for MCPCB LED board MCPCB Specifications in LED TechnologyThe role of MCPCB (metal core PCB) in the Led industryIn today's tech

Replacement of IC chips of the same model

Internal equivalent PCB circuit and application PCB circuit some of the lead out feet are not marked, encounter empty lead feet, should not be grounded without permission,

PCB copper foil supply after chip shortage

A persistent semiconductor shortage is rapidly snowballing into a full-blown component shortage, underscoring the fragility of the current supply chain.

Chip heating

Some do not notice this phenomenon, directly adjust the sense resistance or working frequency to reach the required current, which may seriously affect the service life of LED.

Pcb chip heating

There is no upside to downscaling anyway, only downside, so be sure to fix it.Choice of inductor or transformer

Describe the fabrication process of the chip

Chip production process: 1, silicon purification to make wafers, 2, wafer coating, 3, wafer lithography development, etching, 4, mixed with impurities, 5, wafer testing, 6, chip packaging, 7, testing, packaging

How to select SMT chip inductor?

In PCB production, the circuit board also needs to be tested to see whether the circuit is open, short circuit phenomenon. This works as a needle bed, testing against each network point

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