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PCBA OEM how to choose the chip inductor?
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PCBA OEM how to choose the chip inductor?

In PCBA foundry, the chip inductance plays the role of choke, decoupling, filtering and tuning. There are mainly two kinds of chip inductors: winding type and laminated type, so how to choose chip inductors for PCBA foundry and material?

1.Most of the patch inductors can be welded by reflow welding and wave soldering, but some of the patch inductors can not be welded wave soldering.

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2. The net width of the chip inductor is less than the net width of the inductor, which can avoid too much solder and cause too much tension stress to change the inductor value during cooling. Most of the precision of the chip inductors that can be bought on the market is ±10%, and the chip inductors with a precision higher than ±5% need to be ordered in advance.

3. During the maintenance process, the inductance can not be exchanged only by the inductance of the patch. It is also necessary to know the task frequency band of the chip inductor to ensure the task function.

4. The shape and size of the chip inductor are basically similar, and cannot be easily identified from the shape. So in the manual welding or manual patch, be careful not to take the wrong parts.

5. At present, there are mainly three kinds of common chip inductors: microwave high-frequency inductors suitable for bands above 1GHz; Suitable for high frequency chip inductors in resonant circuits and frequency selective circuits.

6. Different products, the selected coil diameter is different, the opposite inductance, the DC resistance is not opposite. In high frequency circuit, DC resistance has great influence on Q value.

7. Allowing through large current is also a parameter of the chip inductance. When the circuit requires a large current to pass through, the capacitance factor should be taken into account. 

8. When the power inductor is used in the DC/DC converter, the inductance size will indirectly affect the state of the circuit, and the inductance can be changed by increasing or decreasing the coil.

9. Communication equipment in the 150-900mhz frequency band is generally used as a winding inductor. In frequency circuits above 1GHz, it is necessary to choose a microwave high-frequency inductor.

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