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PCB Assembly Service
Main manufacturing factors affecting the assembly cost of customized PCB
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Main manufacturing factors affecting the assembly cost of customized PCB

Main manufacturing factors affecting the assembly cost of customized PCB

Each part of a PCB is specifIC, and if all parts are not available, they will be incomplete. Each PCB you can find is unique. Moreover, the cost of such customized printed circuit board components will vary depending on several factors.

This problem occurs when you incur additional costs that exceed expectations. You might want to know a way to get a good idea of how much the custom PCB assembly cost will remain. Let's find out what factors affect custom pcb assembly and how?

Manufacturing Details – What will affect the cost of custom PCB assembly?

The usual question is, "What manufacturing details will affect the cost of PCB components?". The answer is as follows:

PCB design not available

If your PCB design is not ready for assembly, additional cost issues arise. When the design is not available, several factors or even analysis of DFM or manufacturability change design are essential. All these problems may lead to an increase in its manufacturing costs.

Lack of documentation

What are the main functions of custom PCB assembly? Is data. Therefore, the manufacturer will incur some problems if there is no documentation or incomplete information. Then they will have to analyze everything again, which may take more time. More time will slow down the assembly process, thereby affecting its cost in some way.

PCB assembly

Once we are sure that the design and documentation are correct, let's continue to introduce other factors that affect custom PCB components:

PCB layer

The number of PCB layers is a key factor affecting PCB cost. Sometimes, using fewer layers on the board can reduce manufacturing costs. However, it should also be noted that using more layers will increase its functionality.

HDI technology

HDI or high-density interconnection design has a great impact on the cost of custom printed circuit board assembly. Even if it makes PCB better, avoid using it as long as the circuit does not need it. This is because HDI technology may increase your costs.

ControlLED impedance routing

For PCB, there is a specific need for layer stacking, which requires controlled impedance wiring. If you do not do this in advance, you must replace the PCB again, which will again increase the cost.

Through hole or SMT assembly

You will notice that Surface Mount Technology in most manufacturing plants is automated, reducing labor demand. Therefore, it helps to reduce the cost of custom PCB assembly.

On the other hand, through hole technology is a traditional method, which requires more labor, thus increasing the manufacturing cost. Therefore, it may be a better idea to use less of this method.

Surface treatment of printed circuit board components

The surface treatment of customized printed circuit board components may affect manufacturing costs. Therefore, you need to check the completion mode of the PCB. For example, in terms of welding, lead-free processes will be more expensive and even affect other components.

Customized PCB assembly requirements increase costs

The factors mentioned above, but there are some requirements for PCB assembly, which will increase its cost.

There will be several situations regarding custom PCB assembly. PCB may or may not conform to the manufacturer's standard Circuit board assembly process. If we do, everything will be fine.

However, if not, you will have to change the PCB material. Making changes will result in increased costs. Changes are necessary because not all components can go through the assembly process.

If some of your PCB mechanical hardware may not be ready for assembly, another problem may occur. Even if the contract manufacturer solves the problem, it will increase your cost.

Another requirement for the increased cost of custom PCB components is testability. Testing is essential, and manufacturers can help find an excellent way to do it.

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