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Production requirements

Production Requirements For SMT Patch Processing

The high quality requirements of SMT chip processing require us to apply a clear work responsibility system, such as SMT chip processing related positions operators need to conduct professional training, and implement the first piece inspection

5 PCBA processing automation production requirements

5 PCBA processing automation production of PCB size, shape, transmission edge, positioning hole, positioning symbol requirements.

Storage and shelf life of PCB production requirements for high-frequency PCB

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA processors explain the storage and shelf life requirements for high-frequency PCB production

PCBA assembly precautions and production requirements

The circuit board manufacturer explains PCBA assembly precautions

What is the circuit board production process

developed electrostatic discharge control programJoint standard. Including the design, establishment, implementation and maintenance of the electrostatic discharge control program necessary. According to the historical experience of some military organiza

PCBA Processing Automation Production Requirements

Circuit board manufacturer explains PCBA processing automation production requirements

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