what we do

  • PCB Assembly

    PCB Assembly

    Trusted PCB assembly experience with over 20 years.
    One-stop solution for OEM, PCBA and turnkey Assembly
    Fast Prototype PCB Assembly within 7days
    6 Yamaha SMT lines + 2 Thru-Hole Assembly lines
  • Pcb Fabrication

    Pcb Fabrication

    Trusted experience with over 20 years.
    High Mix, Low-Middle Volume PCB up to 60 Layers
    Multi-layer,HDI, Microwave, Metal Core PCB
    Quality Certificates with ISO 13485 and IATF 16949


    Database links with 1000+ official suppliers
    100% original new and traceable
    Sourcing to 5,000,000+ components
    Rigorous incoming inspection and quality control
  • DFM Service

    DFM Service

    Intelligent System for 3D DFA/DFM Solution
    3 Minutes Identify Issues on PCBA prior to Production.
    Providing Comprehensive 3D DFA/DFM Reports
    Support CAD/Gerber Data Source
  • Functional Testing

    Functional Testing

    Design & supply automatic test jig/fixtures
    "AOI inspection, X-ray inspection,ICT testing ,
    FCT testing, burn-in testing"
    Testing record & results are traceable
  • pcb layout

    pcb layout

    30+ PCB Layout Engineers
    Max Layer No.:40, Max Signal Speed: 56G
    Min gap of BGA PIN:0.3mm, Min L/S: 3/3mils
    Max Pin Qty: 160000+, Max BGA Qty: 60+

who is kingford

  • about

SHENZHEN KINGFORD TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED is a high-tech enterprise with PCBA intelligent manufacturing oriented, providing PCB design, manufacturing, and components procuring as an auxiliary service to our prospective customers. Independent research and development of the industry’s first PCBA one-click intelligent quotation system that can be completed in 10 seconds PCB, BOM, processing fees, synchronously linked Intelligent plant and supply chain, to achieve rapid ordering in 3 minutes, and 1-2 weeks of fast delivery.

  • about

● Trusted experience with over 20 years.

● Have smart DFM system to reduce prototype times and increase R&D efficiency.

● One-stop service, PCB Manufacturing and Assembly, Components Sourcing, IC programing and Testing service.

● No MOQ request,Focus on High Mix, Low and Medium volume.

● Providing  24-hour On line service.

● Sample service is within 7 working days!

  • about

● 2018—Opening of Shenzhen PCBA & Turnkey manufactoring factory.

● 2016—Opening of Hubei PCBA & Turnkey manufacturing factory.

● 2012—Expanding business to PCBA & Turnkey manufacturing.

● 2009—Opening of Meizhou aluminum pcb fabrication factory.

● 2005—Achieved Certifications of IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO14001, UL,IPC.

● 2004—Opening of Kingford PCB factory- (Well-tech) in Huizhou.

● 1999—Established Kingford Technology.

  • about

Quality is one of our top priorities.

Continuously improve the management level to make customers rest assured.

Strictly control in accordance with IPC standards to ensure 100% qualified rate of shipment quality.

√  ISO 9001:2015              √  ISO 14001:2015

√  IATF 16949:2016          √  ISO 13485:2016  

√  UL(E352816)                √  IPC Member

  • about

Vision: To be a trusted friend of global customers. To deliver maximum value for customers, employees and shareholders.


Mission: To provide high-quality, timely and satisfactory services for PCB manufacturing and assembly.

which industry we work for

Kingford support customers and provide them with full-service solutions for the entire product lifecycle of electronic components and systems. We have all the necessary skills and expertise to advise customers on technology management issues, ranging from the inception of the product design phase up to and including the end-of-life phase of a product; and we do so on the basis of the best total cost of ownership principle.

how we do


  • -Madison

    More than once we ordered the assembly of printed circuit boards from the KINGFORD Installation of smd and dip. Every time we received excellent quality boards. There was never a marriage. It is especially pleasant that the order was always fulfilled on time. Everything is on time, and therefore your deadlines do not have to be postponed

  • -Andrew

    Choosing a contractor, we focused on the experience and professionalism of our future partner. KINGFORD has fully met our expectations in organizing the purchase of components, production and assembly of printed circuit boards. We hope for further fruitful cooperation!


contact us

  • Adress: 2nd Floor, Building 6, Longhui Industrial Park, Fuqiao 3rd Industrial Zone, FuYong Town, Baoan District, ShenZhen, China
  • Phone: +86-18929306972
  • Fax: +86 (755) 23314590
  • E-mail: sales@kingfordpcb.com
  • Web:Kingfordpcb.com