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PCBA patch

Causes of solder joints (bubbles) in PCBA patch processing

Due to the high temperature pyrolysis of the organic matter in the flux, it is difficult for the air bubbles to escape, resulting in the gas being wrapped in the alloy powder. From the process can be seen, organic matter by the heat produced by the main w

Where can PCBA patch processing be done?

Common pads are: 1, square pad, 2, round pad, 3, island pad, 4, polygonal pad, 5, oval pad, 6, open shape pad

Will incorrect design of silk screen position number affect PCBA patch processing?

The silk screen position number does not determine whether the final patch is correct. Many experienced engineers found that deleting the bit number silk screen printing, PCBA product patch back and no problem. Generally, the machine patch locates the dev

How to solve the white spot in PCBA patch processing?

The reasons for white spots in PCBA processing are as follows: 1. The circuit board is under inappropriate thermal stress; 2. 2. Due to the influence of mechanical force, part of the resin is separated from the glass fiber, forming white spots; 3. Some PC

How to effectively control the quality of PCBA patch?

Any non-standard operation in any link will seriously affect the quality of PCBA patch. The quality of PCBA patch can be controlled through the key links of steel mesh making, solder paste control, furnace temperature curve setting and AOI detection.

PCBA patch processing lead-free process and lead process difference?

The basic process composition of SMT patch processing includes: screen printing (or dispensing), mounting (curing), reflow welding, cleaning, detection, repair screen printing

How to inspect PCBA patch processing

The basic working conditions of PCBA patch after processing are as follows: 1. Working conditions: Temperature: 18℃ to 28℃, humidity: 35% ~ 75%; 2. 2. Operation object: all PCbas; 3. Operator: with certain general SMT and DIP welding status identification

The key points of quality control in PCBA patch processing and the matters needing attention after PCBA sample making

In PCBA manufacturing process, the solder paste printing and the system quality control details of reflux temperature control are the key links in PCBA manufacturing process, which is very necessary for the printing of high-precision PCB with special comp

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