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Will incorrect design of silk screen position number affect PCBA patch processing?
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Will incorrect design of silk screen position number affect PCBA patch processing?

When we were designing PCB, we attached great importance to the direction and corresponding sequence of bit numbers. We worried that the direction of the screen printing of bit numbers was reversed or the screen printing was not placed correctly, which would affect the error of the patch.

So how much impact does the silk screen position number cross or reverse the order of the silk screen position number have on the patch?

Will incorrect design of silk screen position number affect PCBA patch processing?

First of all, we can clearly say that the silk screen position number does not determine whether the final patch is correct. A lot of experienced engineers found that a lot of experienced engineers found that delete the bit number silk screen printing, PCBA product patch back and no problem. Generally, the machine patch finds the device and then places the found device in the correct position on the PCB. This involves simple programming, including two points:

1. The pick-up program is to tell the machine where to pick up the parts, what components to pick up, with what packaging components and other pick-up information. The contents include: component name of each step, offset of X, y and Angle t of each step, type of feeder, pick height, drop position, whether to skip, etc.

2. The patch program is to tell the machine where to paste components, the Angle of the patch, the height of the patch and other information. The contents include: component name and description of each step, X, y coordinates and Angle t of each step, patch height whether to correct, patch head number, whether to patch time at the same time, whether to skip steps, etc. The patch also includes the PCB's X and Y coordinate information and local marking, etc.

PCBA  board

This means that the machine patch will not find the silk-screen bit number on your PCB at all, but work according to the programming program, and the most important file for programming is the exact coordinate file, so we can understand why you don't need the bit map, but you must need the coordinate file.

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