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How to choose PCBA patch manufacturer
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How to choose PCBA patch manufacturer

How to choose PCBA patch manufacturer

Suitable PCBA patch processing manufacturers can not only bring high quality costs for enterprises, but also bring cost-effective returns. Therefore, in the selection of PCBA patch processing manufacturers, electronics factories are very careful. So, how to choose PCBA patch processing manufacturers?55 (1)

First, customer experience

Good word-of-mouth is a necessary factor for the sustainable development of PCBA patch processing manufacturers. When choosing manufacturers, we must investigate the word-of-mouth of manufacturers to see whether it is reliable and trustworthy. And there are many ways to investigate, website, offline can. In addition, also pay attention to the relevant information of the company, see if there is negative news, etc., these are important factors to judge whether a PCBA patch processing manufacturer is reliable.

In addition, if you can directly consult the manufacturer's website quotation and order, then, its credibility will increase some.

Ii. Production qualification

The production qualification of PCBA patch processing plant is reflected in many aspects, such as whether there is ISO9001 quality management system certification, whether there is the United States UL certification, whether there is the European Union ROHS related production requirements, which are the important basis to judge its qualification.

In addition, through the past cooperation objects and cooperation cases, we can also see whether the production is qualified, whether the quality.

Iii. Cost

Now, the patch market competition is also very fierce, some PCBA patch manufacturers in order to attract customers, will use low price preferential policies to promote. These preferential policies seem to be much cheaper on the surface, but it may be the price of quality, for enterprises, more than worth the loss. You know, high quality products bring not only the use of products, but also the reputation of customers.

Moreover, the decrease in cost means that the input must be reduced in some aspects, which may reduce its quality and affect its future development. Therefore, when a PCBA patch manufacturer wants to attract you with a low price, be careful.

Iv. Service

Strong PCBA patch processing manufacturers will provide customers with perfect service, including pre-sale, sale and after-sales, every link can let customers feel the most intimate service. Therefore, when judging whether PCBA pathc processing manufacturers are reliable, we can start from the service. For example, before sales, whether the reliable manufacturers have the ability to make appropriate solutions for customer needs, during sales, whether they can quickly solve the problems encountered by customers, after sales, whether they can provide timely and professional services.

When customers have questions, whether the manufacturer can carefully answer and solve customers' doubts and difficulties, strengthen customer trust, whether to respond in time, to give customers strong technical support.

The above four perspectives are the important basis for selecting PCBA patch processing manufacturers. In addition, product quality, technical support, value creation, etc., can be used to judge whether PCBA patch processing manufacturers are worth cooperating with. Here, also remind the enterprise choice must be careful. One, stable voltage

In the whole SMT patch processing process, stable voltage is the most basic requirement. Because whether the voltage is stable or not will have a great impact on the power of equipment operation. Simply put, if the voltage is unstable and not up to standard, the entire production process will be affected. And smooth efficiency requires a smooth voltage, power supply, equipment power should also reach more than half of the power consumption.

Such requirements are difficult for ordinary enterprises to achieve, therefore, only regular patch processing manufacturers can produce.

Two, temperature

In the SMT patch processing and production process, the temperature control is also very strict. According to the production needs, the general temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius, the highest is not more than 35 degrees Celsius, the lowest is not lower than 15 degrees.

Moreover, the ambient temperature is maintained at 20 to 26 degrees during the normal operation.

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