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Where can SMT external processing be done
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Where can SMT external processing be done

Where can SMT external processing be done

SMT plant professional PCBA manufacturers, can undertake SMT outsourcing processing business, support incoming processing, PCBA OEM OEM a variety of forms of cooperation, imported equipment, military certification, quality assurance!

What is SMT outgoing processing?8 (1)

SMT outsourcing processing is currently popular among small and medium-sized electronic manufacturers. On the one hand, it helps to save production costs, and on the other hand, it helps to make up for the shortage of production equipment and plant equipment of electronic manufacturers. SMT outgoing processing means that the electronic manufacturer provides the documents required for SMT patch processing to the electronic processing party, and the electronic processing party will process according to the requirements.

SMT outsourcing process 1. Production materials provided by customers; 2. Process evaluation; 3. PCB production and component procurement 4. Sample production; 5. Sample confirmation; 6. Mass production; 7. Circuit board test; 8. Packaging and delivery.

How to control the quality of SMT outsourcing processing?

1. Material inspection

The quality of materials determines the service life of PCBA board.

2. Inspection and thawing of solder paste before use.

3. Steel mesh and scraper control

The steel mesh is stored at constant temperature before use, and tension test is carried out. The use of scraper is controlled at 45° Angle, and the solder paste should be scrapped after a certain number of uses;

4. Adjust the placement machine and the first QC

Adjust the mounting machine according to the coordinate file provided by customer to ensure the mounting accuracy. At this time, the first QC inspection and the first piece inspection are carried out to ensure that there are no process problems such as missing stickers and mass production.

5. Reflow welding control and secondary QC

Reflow welding shall be carried out after installation. Reflow temperature shall be adjusted according to PCB board and special components. The first part of reflow welding is inspected and tested by QC for the second time to ensure that there is no tin melting, whether the components are yellow or not, and that there is no virtual welding. After confirmation, mass production is conducted.

6. The third QC test

QA inspection by quality Department. The quality department needs to carry out spot check on PCB finished products to ensure that they are qualified before packaging and shipping.

How long does SMT outsourcing take?

The processing cycle of SMT outgoing processing is generally 1-3 days, including the first sample making and mass production, excluding the time of material purchase (there is no need to purchase the materials supplied by the client).

How much is SMT outsourcing processing?

The price of SMT outsourcing processing is closely related to the product type, processing difficulty and quantity. Generally speaking, the larger the quantity, the cheaper the price, and the smaller the quantity, the higher the price. In addition, if it is proofing, then, also need to add start-up costs on the basis of processing samples, this point should pay special attention to.

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