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PCB surface treatment process OSP advantages and disadvantages

An OSP circuit board, exposed to the air for more than ten days, will not be able to weld components. Energy production from 2 layers to 14 layers, 14-22 layers can be proofing production.Minimum line width/spacing: 3mil/3milBG Distance :0.20MM Minimum ap

LED aluminum substrate technology tends to improve the market prospects

according to the storage time of PCB and components and the degree of surface oxidation to select the solder paste activity.

Development prospects of automotive electronics PCBA production and processing

The current market situation of automotive electronics PCBA is that the pre-installation market is matched by the vehicle market itself, and the suppliers are generally subsidiaries or holding companies of their own companies.

The properties and characterization of OSP film in lead - free process of PCB copying board

OSP membranes have been used in circuit boards for many years as organomaterials formed by the reaction of azole compounds (azole) with transition metal elements, such as copper and zinc.

Two potential problems (black nickel and phosphorous rich layer) of PCB welding pad treated by ENIG and preventive measures

ENIG surface treatment circuit board is one of the biggest advantages of the circuit board production and manufacturing process is simple, in principle only need to use two kinds of chemical potion (electroless nickel plating and acid gold water) can be c

Development prospect analysis of PCB industry in China in 2018

The use of impedance circuit board with reputation is solving many real problems for people, for the safety of very concerned manufacturers, choose a impedance circuit board manufacturers matching their own products for cooperation, can ensure the safety

PCB industry prosperity is improving

The size of the welding nozzle should be as large as possible to ensure the stability of the welding process and not affect the adjacent components on the PCB, which is important to the design engineer, but also difficult, because the stability of the pro

What is the prospect of PCB export in China

PCB is the mother of electronic products. As long as the electronics industry continues to develop, there will always be business opportunities, and if it can survive the trough, it will meet the peak.

OSP surface treatment PCB production process requirements

OSP is Organic Solderability Preservatives, which refers to the coating of OSP film on the bare brass plate (double-sided/multilayer/two-layer) in place of the original protective treatment such as tin spraying on the surface of the plate.

PCB does not need to use phosphorus containing copper ball _ phosphorus copper ball in PCB application overview

through the titanium electrode rolling plating method to carry out the first and second rolling plating, improve the thickness of the copper layer to enhance the actual effect of the conductivity of the guide hole.

Explain in detail the PCB design of phosphorus copper ball

In this paper, the key is to introduce PCB phosphorus copper ball in detail, the first detailed introduction of PCB electroplating copper need to use phosphorus containing copper ball, followed by the discussion of the use of phosphorus copper ball in PCB

Harm of phosphorus moisture content in Pcb to anodized phosphorus film

the control of hydrochloric acid concentration value need not be slightly lower, the current intensity is slightly higher, not only the amount of the area and hemp sand can be defeated.

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