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Industry news
LED aluminum substrate technology tends to improve the market prospects
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LED aluminum substrate technology tends to improve the market prospects

LED aluminum substrate production, driven the development of heat dissipation application industry, due to the LED aluminum substrate cooling characteristics, coupled with aluminum substrate with high heat dissipation, low thermal resistance, long life, voltage resistance and other advantages, with the improvement of production technology, equipment, product price accelerated rationalization, and then expand the application field of LED industry, For example, the indicator aluminum substrate of household appliances, the aluminum substrate of automobile lamps, the aluminum substrate of street lamps and the outdoor large signage. The success of the development of LED aluminum substrate will become a service for indoor lighting and outdoor lighting products, making the future market area of the LED industry broader.

LED aluminum substrate products project covers the entire industry of lighting products, such as commercial lighting, indoor lighting. Overall, LED aluminum substrate will continue to maintain rapid development in the next few years, and the export amount will steadily increase, but the export growth rate will decline. Domestic sales, due to the sustained development of the economy, ushered in a period of rapid growth.

However, the rapid development of China's LED aluminum substrate industry in the past five years has also caused fierce competition today. Due to LED lighting related technologies and heat dissipation performance and other reasons, LED development in the domestic market is slow, and most of the LED lighting is used for export, which continues to give LED aluminum substrate development space and time. In the future, under the strong guidance of the country, LED aluminum substrate technology will be more and more perfect, and domestic demand will be more and more large.


Factors that affect the price of PCB boards

When we design a project, we are often concerned about the layout and wiring and other contents, often ignoring the additional PCB led circuit board manufacturing costs in the design, let's see what factors will affect our PCB manufacturing costs.


1. Number of wiring layers:

The more layers of design, the easier the wiring, but the price is rising with the number of layers, and the final board price may be doubled.


2, through the hole:

If it is not limited by the device Pitch or design density, as far as possible with a diameter of more than 0.25mm through the hole, less than 0.25mm through the hole, most PCB manufacturers need to charge a certain fee.


3, plate hole plug hole:

Try not to use unless the signal and layout, packaging is limited.


4. Back drilling:

When used in a backplane or a board with a high-speed signal, it will increase the cost by about 10% to 20%.


5, line width line distance:

Usually less than 3.5mil, the manufacturer will increase the charge.


6, plate:

Non-conventional plates such as high tg plates, halogen-free plates, and high-frequency plates will increase the procurement cycle of PCB manufacturers, which means increasing production costs. Some high-frequency plates can be mixed with ordinary plates, which can reduce part of the production cost.


7. HDI and blind hole design:

This item has a large percentage of increased costs and is best not used if the package allows. Tip: BGA packages with a Pitch of 0.65mm and above can be fanned out through holes, and some 0.5mm BGA packages can be fanned out through holes according to pad size and available pin distribution.


8. Surface process:

Sink gold, sink tin, sink silver, gold finger these items will increase the cost, of course, these items need to be considered according to the type of product designed.

SMT Processing Analysis How to select the right solder paste for SMT

With the widespread use of solder paste, there are more and more types of solder paste on the market, so that we are dazzled and overwhelmed. Many people do not know how to choose when they are faced with a large number of solder paste types, in fact, no matter how many kinds of solder paste, no matter what brand, what price, what composition, choosing the right solder paste is the most important.

So, in the face of a dazzling array of tin paste, how should we choose:

1, according to the assembly process of the product, printed board and components to select solder paste alloy components (this is mainly based on the process conditions and use of industrial production requirements and solder paste performance requirements).

2, in the industrial production according to the product (printed board) cleanliness requirements and different degrees of cleanliness after welding to choose their own solder paste. When using the no-clean process in production, it is necessary to choose a no-clean solder paste containing low halogen and no highly corrosive compounds. When the solvent cleaning process is used, the solvent cleaning solder paste should be selected. When using the water cleaning process, water soluble solder paste should be selected. BGA, CSP generally need to choose high-quality no-clean type silver containing solder paste.

3, according to the storage time of PCB and components and the degree of surface oxidation to select the solder paste activity.

4, according to the PCB assembly density (there is no fine spacing) in the production process to choose the appropriate particle size of the alloy powder, the commonly used solder paste alloy powder particle size is divided into four particle size grades, fine spacing is generally selected 20-45um.

Therefore, when we choose the solder paste, we must not only understand what the product we choose is like, but also understand what kind of product we need, so that our choice will be more accurate.

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