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Single-handed car antenna PCB board harm
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Single-handed car antenna PCB board harm

Board factory industrial PCB board maintenance needs to have what skills?

The industrial pcb circuit board belongs to the industrial control industry, mainly the PCB mother board used in industrial applications, its structure usually has many card slots, a large area, a higher degree of modularity, can adapt to a wide range of temperature, a wide range of humidity, and even harsh environment. So, industrial PCB board maintenance needs to have what skills? Let's take a look:

  1. Must be proficient in digital and analog electronics. The circuit board is nothing more than resistors, capacitors and other electronic components, along with a main CPU. If the CPU is not damaged, then the circuit board is simply one of the components that is damaged and prevents some aspect from performing the appropriate operation.

2. Have analytical skills. PCB maintenance in circuit board factory is actually the process of finding out the reason and finding out the problem. It takes a lot of time to detect the circuit, and must have a strong logical thinking ability and be targeted. In cases where it is impossible to test every electronic component of the board, and without output, the first step is to look for output signals and then for damage to the output driver section. In this way, the components of the damaged parts can be found step by step.

3. After learning to use all kinds of measuring instruments, it is necessary to learn to use them first, such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, clamp meters, power analyzers etc.

Single-handed car antenna PCB board harm:

(1) Single-handed automotive antenna PCB board board, which is small size, light weight, no BGA, no chip capacity of the circuit board is generally allowed; But for what size, heavy mass, side layout BGA, chip capacitor circuit board, absolutely should be avoided. Because such behavior is easy to cause the failure of the solder joint of BGA, sheet volume and even sheet resistance. Therefore, in the process document, should indicate how to take the circuit board requirements.

The easiest part to hold a car antenna PCB board with one hand is the circuit board cycling process. Most people unconsciously adopt the practice of holding a car antenna PCB board with one hand, either when removing the board from a conveyor belt or placing it, because it's convenient. When welding by hand, paste the radiator and install the screws. To complete an operation, you will naturally use one hand to manipulate other work items on the board. These seemingly normal operations often hide huge quality risks.

(2) Screw installation, in many SMT patch processing factories, in order to save costs, no tooling. When A screw is installed on the PCB board A of the automobile antenna, it is often deformed because of the uneven components on the back of the PCB board A of the automobile antenna, which is easy to crack the welding spot sensitive to stress.


(3) Insert through-hole components

Through-hole components, especially transformers with thick lead wires, are often difficult to accurately insert into the installation hole because of the large position tolerance of the lead wires. The operator will not try to find a way to correct, usually using a hard pressing operation, which will cause the bending deformation of the antenna PCB board, also will lead to the damage of the surrounding chip capacitor, resistance, BGA.

The circuit board makes the circuit miniaturized and intuitive, which plays an important role in the mass production of fixed circuit and the optimization of electrical appliance layout. The Circuit Board can be called Printed Circuit board or Printed circuit board, the English name is (Printed Circuit Board) PCB, (Flexible Printed Circuit board) FPC circuit board.

ROHS testing belongs to environmental protection testing, ROHS testing scope almost covers all electronic, electrical, medical, communications, toys, security information and other products, it not only includes the whole machine products, but also includes the parts used in the production of the whole machine, raw materials and packaging, related to the entire production chain. Circuit board export to the European Union is the need to do environmental protection ROHS testing, the following Xiaobian to introduce the circuit board ROHS testing.

ROHS ten test standard limits:

Pb lead 1000PPM

CD Cadmium 100PPM

Hg 1000PPM of mercury

Cr(VI) hexavalent chromium 1000PPM

PBBs polybrominated Biphenyl 1000PPM


DEHP Diethylhexyl phthalate 1000PPM

BBP Butyl benzyl phthalate 1000PPM

DBP Dibutyl phthalate 1000PPM

DIBP diisobutyl phthalate 1000PMM.

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