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Sample PCB quotation question answer
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Sample PCB quotation question answer

Because there are so many factors that make up the prICe of sample PCB, it is very difficult for many electronic manufacturers to make a clear understanding of their skilLED procurement. If they just start to purchase, they can only compare the quotation of the previous board making. It is also difficult to quote a very standard price for businesses just started in a PCB factory without understanding the factors that make up PCB prices. A SMAll editor who has been engaged in engineering and MARKet in the circuit board industry for many years will give you answers one by one here. Welcome to exchange


Sample PCB price

Here we mainly describe the various technical factors that make up the price of the sample PCB. Other factors that affect the cost of PCB manufacturing will not be described one by one, such as the region of the PCB manufacturer, the process expertise of the PCB manufacturer, the role and quality positioning of the PCB manufacturer, and so on. The precondition for our explanation is to quote a sample PCB from a relatively fixed cooperative PCB supplier. We will explain the quotation of other batches of PCB in another article.

1The first thing that affects the cost of the sample PCB is whether it is urgent, because the time required for proofing is relatively tight, which is closely related to this factor. Generally, if the single and double sided samples need to be delivered 24 hours urgently, an urgent fee of about 200 yuan may be charged.

2Invoice fees. Some electronic manufacturers have very formal financial procedures, so they need to provide invoices for every purchase project. Everyone knows this very well, and taxes are collected when issuing invoices. Therefore, circuit board manufacturers generally add the invoice taxes to the price.

3Express delivery fee: generally, companies that have cooperated with each other for a long time and are close to each other will deliver goods free of charge, while cities that are far away from each other and have a small amount of cooperation will adopt express delivery. Ordinary express delivery is generally free of charge. If the price of Shunfeng Express is relatively high, the freight may be charged. See the express company website for the specific freight price.

4The flying probe test cost is generally small in number and SIMple in data, and most of them do not fly test or fly test is free. If the data is very complex and large in number, it will occupy the machine time of the Circuit board manufacturer, so the fly test will also be charged.

5For the cost of surface treatment, because the cost of different surface treatment of PCB is very different, for example, the gold for gilding is very expensive, so the price of the PCB with gilding process is generally about 100 yuan higher than that of the PCB with ordinary tin spraying process.

6Ink costs. In the production of PCB, most of the solder mask character inks are green white characters and ordinary inks. If there is a special demand for making boards and the order quantity is very small, the manufacturer will waste a lot of ink, so the price may be tens of dollars higher when using non green white characters or when specifying a brand of ink.

7Board cost, which mainly refers to the size of PCB. The larger the size of PCB, the more PCB base material will be consumed. PCB base material is the largest raw material cost in PCB production, so the general price calculation is based on the size multiplied by the fixed board cost coefficient.

8For other costs, such as fixed project cost and film cost, the price base of film cost is unchanged, but the more layers of circuit boards, the more film sheets will be consumed, so the cost will be higher. The project cost mainly involves the processing of project data and the production of production tools. The longer the production time of boards with more layers, the higher the project cost will be, but the cost is generally fixed.

The above is the price composition of the circuit board proofing described above. Because there are many projects involved, it is difficult for ordinary people to make clear and troublesome. In addition, because most of the templates involve a small amount of money and are generally proofing before mass production, many cooperative circuit board manufacturers adopt the form of contracting by layers. For example, how much is a single panel proofing model and how much is a multi-layer panel proofing model? Because it is waiting for the confirmation of the template to do the following batch, the template price calculated by model is very favorable. Generally, if there are few samples, they are almost made at a loss. PCB manufacturers that make profits by proofing and electronic companies that only do scheme design prefer to cooperate in the way of charging by project. The advantages and disadvantages of the two methods depend on the role positioning of both parties.

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