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Precautions for use of PCB gongs and knives and causes of breakage
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Precautions for use of PCB gongs and knives and causes of breakage

Precautions for use of PCB gongs and knives and causes of breakage

1. When PCB gongs are used to drill steel parts, please ensure sufficient cooling capacity and use metal cutting fluid.

2. Good drill pipe rigidity and guide rail clearance can improve drilling accuracy and drill bit life

3. Please ensure the flatness and cleanness between the magnetic base and the workpiece.

4. When drilling thin plates, reinforce the workpieces. When drilling large workpieces, ensure that the workpieces are stable.

5. At the beginning and end of drilling, the feed rate shall be reduced by 1/3.

6. For materials with a large amount of fine powder during drilling, such as cast iron, cast copper, etc., PCB gongs can use compressed air to help chip removal without using coolant.

7. Please timely remove the iron scraps wrapped on the PCB gondola drill body to ensure smooth chip removal.

After the PCB gong blade contacts the grinding wheel, it should be ground from the main cutting edge to the rear, that is, the cutting edge of the drill bit should first contact the grinding wheel, and then slowly ground down along the entire rear tool surface. When the drill bit is cut in, it can touch the grinding wheel gently, and first grind a small amount of it. Pay attention to the uniformity of the spark, adjust the hand pressure in time, and pay attention to the cooling of the drill bit. Do not let it grind too much, causing discoloration of the edge, until the edge is annealed. If the cutting edge temperature is high, the drill bit shall be cooled in time.


Analysis of the main causes of PCB gongs and knives breaking

There are many reasons for PCB gongs and knives to break in the working process, but there are actually only two basic directions, one is due to improper operation and installation; One is the fracture caused by poor quality and performance of PCB gongs and knives.

1、 Operational aspects

1. PCB gongs and knives move too fast, resulting in too high lateral impact. Solution: Reduce the movement speed appropriately (recommended) If the movement speed is not changed, increase the rotation speed appropriately (not recommended)

2. The movement speed of PCB gongs and knives is normal, but the rotation speed is too low Solution: Increase the rotation speed appropriately.

3. The blade diameter of PCB gongs is too thin and easy to break. Solution: At the beginning of processing, the slowest speed (moving speed) should start and then gradually increase the final moving speed.

4. The installation of PCB gongs and knives is not standard, and the handle is exposed too long. Solution: Install the tool in strict accordance with the requirements

5. The rotation speed of PCB gongs and knives is inconsistent with the moving speed. Solution: Adjust the machine speed setting appropriately.

6. The tool structure and processing material characteristics of PCB gongs are inconsistent. Solution: use other types of pcb gongs and knives for testing.

7. Check whether the PCB gong cutter structure is worn. Solution: If the tool is used for too long or worn, replace it with a new pcb gondola.

2、 Performance and quality

1. The material of PCB gongs and knives is too poor. Solution Change to another milling cutter for testing

2. The chip removal ability of PCB gongs is poor, which causes the milling cutter to break the edge due to excessive resistance when milling PCB boards. Solution: change to another brand of milling cutter

As long as you operate the PCB gongs and knives strictly according to the regulations during the use of PCB gongs and knives, the probability of breakage is relatively small on the premise that the gongs and knives have no quality problems.

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