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PCB manufacturing
FPC profile and hole processing technology
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FPC profile and hole processing technology

At present, punching is the most widely used method for batch processing of FPC, and NC drilling and milling is mainly used for SMAll batch of FPC and FPC samples. These technologies are diffICult to meet the requirements for dimensional accuracy, especially position accuracy standards in the future. Now, new processing technologies are also gradually applied, such as laser etching, plasma etching, chEMIcal etching and other technologies. These new contour machining technologies have very high position accuracy, especially the chemical etching method has not only high position accuracy, but also high mass production efficiency and low process cost. However, these technologies are rarely used alone, and are generally used in combination with the blanking method.


The purpose of use includes FPC profile processing, FPC drilling, FPC slot processing and the trimming of relevant parts. SIMple shape and low precision are all processed by one-time punching. For substrates with high precision requirements and complex shapes, if the processing efficiency of a pair of molds does not necessarily meet the requirements, FPC can be processed in several steps, such as the plug part inserted into a narrow pitch connector and the positioning hole for high-density mounting elements.

FPC pilot hole

It is also calLED positioning hole. Generally, the processing of holes is an independent process, but there must be a guide hole for positioning with the line drawing. The automatic process uses CCD CAMera to directly identify the positioning MARK for positioning, but this equipment is expensive, limited in scope of application, and generally not used. At present, the most commonly used method is to drill positioning holes based on the positioning marks on the copper foil of flexible printed boards. Although this is not a new technology, it can significantly improve the accuracy and production efficiency.

In order to improve the punching accuracy, the punching method with high accuracy and less debris is used to process the positioning hole.

FPC punching

Punching is to use a special die prepared in advance to process holes and shapes on an oil pressure punch or a crank punch. Now there are many kinds of moulds, and moulds are sometimes used in other processes.

FPC milling

The processing time of milling is in seconds, which is very short and low in cost. The mold making is not only expensive but also needs a certain period, so it is difficult to adapt to the trial production and design change of urgent parts. If the NC data of NC milling processing and CAD data are provided together, the operation can be carried out immediately. The length of milling processing time of each workpiece directly affects the level of processing cost, and the processing cost is high when the time is long. Therefore, the unified adjustment processing is applicable to products with high price and small quantity or short trial production time.

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