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How are components of PCB connected?
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How are components of PCB connected?

How are components of PCB connected?
PCB wiring is a basic course for every electronic engineer, but often everyone only pays attention to wiring and ignores the wiring mode between components. How are the components of the PCB connected?
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1. Cross circuits are not allowed in PCB circuits. For lines that may cross, "drilling" and "winding" can be used to solve the problem.

pcb board2. Resistance, diode, tubular capacitor and other components can be installed in "vertical" and "horizontal" modes. Vertical refers to the installation and welding of the component body perpendicular to the circuit board, which has the advantage of saving space. Horizontal refers to the installation and welding of the component body parallel to and close to the circuit board, which has the advantage of good mechanical strength of the component installation.
3. The grounding point of the circuit at the same level shall be as close as possible, and the power filter capacitor of the circuit at this level shall also be connected to the grounding point at this level.
4. The general grounding wire must be arranged in the order from weak current to strong current in a high frequency medium frequency low frequency manner, and must not be randomly connected over and over. High frequency circuits such as FM head adopt large area enclosed ground wire to ensure good shielding effect.
5. The strong current lead should be as wide as possible to reduce the wiring resistance and its voltage drop, which can reduce the self excitation caused by parasitic coupling.
6. The route with high impedance shall be as short as possible, and the route with low impedance can be longer. The wiring with high impedance is easy to absorb signals and cause circuit instability; Power lines, ground wires, base wires without feedback components, emitter wires, etc. are all low impedance wires.
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