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PCB surface treatment process OSP advantages and disadvantages

An OSP circuit board, exposed to the air for more than ten days, will not be able to weld components. Energy production from 2 layers to 14 layers, 14-22 layers can be proofing production.Minimum line width/spacing: 3mil/3milBG Distance :0.20MM Minimum ap

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SMT in printed circuit manufacturing?

SMT is not suitable and is not suitable for large parts, high power or high voltage - such as where there is a high power circuit. SMT and through-hole technologies are often combined with radiators, large capacitors, firearms, high-power transformers in

Advantages and disadvantages of different surface treatments of PCB circuit boards

Nickel gold is a kind of surface treatment technology with large application. Remember: nickel layer is nickel phosphorus alloy layer, which is divided into high phosphorus nickel and middle phosphorus nickel according to phosphorus content.

The use and advantages and disadvantages of high density board

The use and advantages and disadvantages of high density boardHigh-density board is a very common decorative material, and it is used in many places in home decoration. Generally, high-density board is used as door panels or partition walls. Let's talk ab

The advantages and disadvantages of PCB rapid board making method

At present, electronic and digital products, automobiles, medical products and other products such as circuit board production requirements for the process and speed is relatively strict

PCB has advantages and disadvantages of lead spray tin and lead-free spray tin

PCB waste water is divided into cleaning waste water, ink waste water, complexing waste water, concentrated acid waste water, concentrated alkali waste water.

The advantages and disadvantages of PCB flexible circuit board are introduced

All kinds of reliability design in digital circuit application is related to the reliability requirements of the circuit in practical application and product engineering requirements, so it is not possible to add various kinds of high-cost "guarantee...

What are the disadvantages of SMT proofing? In what fields?

SMT processing advantages: SMT processing technology has good reliability, its technology has good precision, fusion welding contact area is large, fusion welding structure is firm, stable, good heat conduction performance, eliminate high temperature weld

Identify the advantages and disadvantages of a PCB board, see these points?

The circuitry on the circuit board is designed to bend to ensure the stability of the signal. Circuit board design is a kind of technical work, only using the corresponding design to ensure the stability of the signal.

Advantages and disadvantages of different PCB surface treatments

There are many kinds of surface treatment of the circuit board. PCB proofing personnel should choose according to the performance and requirements of the board.

The surface treatment technology of PCB board and its advantages and disadvantages and application scenarios

The circuit board inside the line is mainly pure copper, that is, bare copper plate. Some people think that the gold color is copper, which is the protective layer on the copper.

The advantages and disadvantages of common PCB surface treatment technology

The OSP acts as a barrier between the copper and the air. Simply put, it chemically grows an organic film on a clean, bare copper surface. The only function of this organic film is to ensure that the inner copper foil does not oxidize before welding.

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