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The difference between expedited proofing and ordinary proofing of FPC soft board and how to price it
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The difference between expedited proofing and ordinary proofing of FPC soft board and how to price it

It is designed from the schematic diagram of the flexible PCB, and the proofing test function must be confirmed before mass production. Proofing production takes time. What is the difference between normal proofing and expedited proofing? Usually, FPC engineers will follow the different specifications of customer products. Explain the need to draw the structure diagram of the FPC circuit board. The main structural layers can be divided into single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer flexible boards, and flexible and rigid boards.




Then, according to the pcb circuit board diagram drawn by the FPC engineer, the FPC proofing is carried out, which is mainly used to test the product performance. So what is the difference between the expedited proofing and the ordinary proofing?


The difference between expedited proofing and ordinary proofing

1. Introduction of expedited proofing:


1.1 For expedited proofing of documents provided by customers, the company needs to send professionals to follow up the production process and progress. From the first process of cutting material to the last process of packaging and shipping, there are generally at least 20-30 production processes. process.


1.2 The single-sided expedited proofing cycle is 1 working day, the double-sided proofing cycle is 2 working days, the multi-layer flexible board proofing cycle is 5 working days, and the multi-layer flexible-rigid board proofing cycle is 9-10 working days. Day (from the production document EQ designed by the engineer to confirm the restart calculation time).


1.3. Orders are arranged according to the production process of expedited proofing from ordering. In each process, the product must be processed and produced as soon as possible. Professional follow-up personnel are responsible for the whole process of follow-up until the production of the product is completed. Expedited proofing reflects the word "fast".

The difference between expedited proofing and ordinary proofing


2. the general proofing introduction:


2.1. Proofing the designed documents, packaging and shipping from the first process to the last process, generally there are at least 20-30 production process processes, mainly according to the PCB manufacturing process requirements and difficulty of the circuit board to assess the production time.


2.2. The normal proofing cycle for single-sided boards is 3-4 days, the proofing cycle for double-sided boards is 4-5 days, the proofing cycle for multi-layer flexible boards is 7-8 days, and the proofing cycle for multi-layer flexible and rigid boards is 14-15 days.


2.3. According to the conventional process time production, after a process is produced, the personnel of this department will transfer it to the next department process to confirm the quantity production, step by step to the final inspection of the finished product shipment.


To know the price of flexible FPC proofing, we must first know what is an flexible PCB. FPC is a highly reliable and flexible flexible circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film as the base material. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness and good bendability. So what is the price of flexible PCB proofing?



1. The problem of jigsaw puzzles:


1.1. The outer frame (clamping edge) of the circuit board panel should adopt a closed-loop design to ensure that the FPC panel will not be deformed after it is fixed on the fixture.


1.2. There should be no large devices or protruding devices near the connection point between the outer frame of the panel and the inner small board, and between the small board and the small board, and there should be a space greater than 0.5mm between the edge of the component and the FPC board. In order to ensure the normal operation of the cutting tool.

An introduction to the price of flexible PCB proofing


1.3. Four positioning holes are opened at the four corners of the outer frame of the jigsaw, with a diameter of 4mm±0.01mm; the strength of the holes should be moderate to ensure that it will not break during the process of upper and lower plates; the hole diameter and position accuracy should be high, and the hole wall should be smooth and free of burrs .


1.4. Each small board in the circuit board puzzle must have at least three positioning holes, 3aperture6mm, and no wiring or patch is allowed within 1mm of the edge positioning hole.


2. the price calculation method:


2.1. Calculate the price according to the size. The manufacturer will give the unit price per square meter according to the number of layers and different processes of the flexible PCB. The customer only needs to change the size of the flexible PCB to meters and multiply it by the unit price per square meter. The unit price of the circuit board to be produced can be obtained. This calculation method is very suitable for flexible PCBs of ordinary technology.


2.2. Calculate the price according to the cost refinement, because the raw material of the flexible PCB is the copper clad laminate, the factory that produces the copper clad laminate has set some fixed sizes to sell in the market, and the manufacturer will be based on the material of the circuit board to be produced, the number of layers, the number of layers, Process, quantity and other parameters are used to calculate the utilization rate of copper clad laminates of this batch of flexible PCBs, so as to calculate the material cost.

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