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Judge the advantages and disadvantages of SMT wafer processing plants
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Judge the advantages and disadvantages of SMT wafer processing plants

Judge the advantages and disadvantages of SMT wafer processing plants
The electronICs industry is a high-tech industry, but also a PCB industry, which requires continuous high investment As the main body of R&D, product development must be a hard process The continuous investment of funds, insomnia, sleep and food are the keys for scientific researchers to bet on the success of product development. Any mistake may be a waste of all previous efforts, and countless investments will be futile Stream The final realization and presentation state of the product is the best standard to verify the initial investment
Back to the core point of SMT chip processing plant, especially OEM processing plant is the medium to realize customer ideas The customer provided information. The whole process of PCB manufacturing, parts procurement, SMT patch, assembly and testing, the customer's ideas, data, and drawings can be drawn in the best state is the most comprehensive and general concept As a manufacturer, today, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you some criteria for judging the quality of SMT chip processing plants. I hope we can help you!


1. Team: The team includes business, production, procurement, engineering, quality, warehouse and after-sales service. Although the strength and ability of the team cannot be reflected on the surface, we can intuitively know from some data whether a company attaches importance to quality, whether it pays attention to the adequacy of the allocation of quality inspectors, and whether the allocation of engineering teams is incomplete.
2. Equipment: As the saying goes, "You can't make porcelain without diamonds." Equipment is the most important link in PCB placement production. The capacity, accuracy and efficiency of equipment directly affect the production accuracy and quality of products.
3. Management: Delivery time is also a link that we care about. A company's management department is unscientific, which is directly related to the product pass through rate, which is directly related to the product delivery date. The coordination and cooperation between the pre production department and the production department often test the management of the company. Scientific management is not only conducive to the delivery of products, but also the top priority of the company's survival and development.
4. Quality control: The quality control process not only requires the company to be responsible for the customer's products, but also requires the company to correct its own mistakes. This connection requires huge costs and costs. Someone once said, "The quality inspection department is the department that finds the wrong thing, and the department that pays for the wrong thing." This sentence is not crude. If problems occur in the production of products, the company is willing to spend time and money to repair and "ask for trouble". Quality control is the conscience of the factory.
5. Details: The electronic processing industry itself is a highly refined industry. The intensity of detail control is directly related to the quality of products. Those who are engaged in SMT chip processing know that the invisible damage of static electricity to components is very large, and the instantaneous static electricity can reach thousands of volts or even tens of thousands of volts. The invisible static damage has a huge hidden danger to the later stability of the product. The static control of SMT factory is not in place, and the static elimination of production personnel is not complete, which is directly related to the efficiency of products. Of course, the detaiLED control of SMT chip processing plant is not only the static part, but also the storage of solder paste and the traceability of production process.
6. Service: Quality SMT service is not only the service of product process, but also the initiative to solve problems for customers in the after-sales stage After sales service of SMT electronic products is undoubtedly a key point to pay attention to
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