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PCB Assembly Service
Blood Analyzer printed circuit board assembly
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Blood Analyzer printed circuit board assembly

Blood Analyzer Pprinted circuit board assembly

Hematology analyzers are highly valued by doctors because of their rich diagnostic information, and become clinical routine inspection instruments. Blood analyzers require careful engineering and manufacturing, and also need to break through the limitations of HDI PCBs, using professional high-speed laminates, copper and Aluminum substrates, ceramics and coatings for optimal key performance to maximize the value of blood analyzers.

The blood analyzer has higher requirements on stability and safety, and requires more sophisticated technology to support the board. At the same time, it is more difficult to be compatible with the realization and connection of other functions, and must comply with high-standard manufacturing processes.

printed circuit board assembly

Blood analyzer printed circuit board assembly performance parameters

Copper Thickness: 0.5-6 oz

Material: FR4 (Shengyi, ITEQ, KB A+, HZ), HI-TG, FR06, Rogers, Taconic, Argon

Layers: 40 layers/custom

Solder Mask: Green, Yellow, White, Blue, Black, Red

Product name: PCBA circuit board

For signal transmission, circuit board soldering technology is highly required, and it is more difficult to make small-sized PCBs.

Solution: Kingford has refined the route layout and design, especially the complicated process of small interface, crosstalk and grounding, and manufactured according to the highest standard to ensure its high reliability.

Kingford provides PCB manufacturing and printed circuit board assembly services for the medical industry, thanks to our experience working with multiple clients in this industry, which helps us to develop expertise and the best solutions that can be customized to your needs, we have 7 A fully automatic SMT patch line can work 24 hours a day to ensure that the customer's blood analyzer PCBA products can be quickly produced. We can also provide component procurement services, assembly testing and other services. When we provide PCBA products, we will carry out Online AOI testing, BGA X-Ray testing and functional testing.

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.