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Medical Endoscope Imaging System Printed Circuit Board Assembly
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Medical Endoscope Imaging System Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Medical Endoscope Imaging System Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Medical electronic endoscope system is the product of the continuous integration and development of traditional endoscope technology and microelectronics, digital image processing, computer and other technologies, and has important research and application value in both medical and industrial fields. Through the endoscope system, the tissue morphology of the organs in the body can be visually observed, providing reliable basis and convenient operation for clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Kingford designed the endoscope PCB with high temperature resistant materials, we are familiar with the cleaning and disinfection required for endoscopy, and we will take this into consideration when designing the PCB. As a one-stop service for Printed Circuit Board Assembly focused on improving high quality, we ensure that the Strict inspection of our PCBA before. We can meet the complex requirements of endoscopic imaging systems, manufacturing thin and small boards with maximum features and components.

We have long-term cooperation with world-renowned component suppliers and can provide you with electronic components procurement services. We have our own PCB and PCB assembly factories, and none of our processes are outsourced to any third-party companies. We design, manufacture and assemble PCBs entirely in our fully equipped facility. We believe in continuous improvement and service to our PCBAs. We continuously improve ourselves in the latest research and implementation of new technologies in the medical field.

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Endoscope imaging system Printed Circuit Board Assembly performance parameters

Special feature: low battery

Sensor: CMOS

Application: Indoor

Customized support: online technical support, customized logo, OEM, ODM

Camera Sensor: 1/1.8" SONY CMOS sensor

Scan Mode: Progressive Scan

Frame rate: 60fps

Power supply: DC12V 2A

Wide Dynamic: >60dB

Material: Double-sided copper clad laminate

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.