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PCBA circuit board maintenance post
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PCBA circuit board maintenance post

PCBA circuit board maintenance post

With the arrival of the intelligent electronic era of the Internet of Everything, the PCBA processing industry occupies a crucial position in the future development, and the PCBA circuit board maintenance post plays a decisive role in the PCBA industry. No enterprise can guarantee that its PCB does not need to be repaired, so the PCBA circuit board maintenance post has a strong and favorable prospect.

In the next ten years, people will step into the intelligent society of the Internet of Things, unmanned intelligent driving, Internet of Things intelligent home furnishing, intelligent smart city, intelligent intelligent transportation, Internet of Things intelligent flight, Internet of Things intelligent agriculture, intelligent intelligent robots, Internet of Things intelligent animal husbandry, Internet of Things intelligent manufacturing, VR/AR, etc., and the realization of each scenario will not be possible without the hard work of PCBA circuit board maintenance personnel.

PCBA circuit board maintenance

If you want to make achievements in the PCBA circuit board maintenance post, you must first read the relevant books. Here are some recommended books for you to read:

1. Fundamentals of Electronics and Circuits (Version 2)

This book was published by the Machinery Industry Press in 2017 by Li Xinguang. This book is a supporting textbook for provincial quality courses. This book organically combines "Circuit Basis", "Analog Electronic Technology" and "Digital Electronic Technology". While ensuring the necessary classical content, it strives to reflect modern theories and advanced technologies; In terms of the relationship between theory and application, we strive to be practical, focusing on application, and suitable for beginners to read.

2. Fundamentals of Analog Electronics Technology

This book has won the first prize of the National Education Commission for Excellent Teaching Materials and the National Excellent Teaching Materials Award. Common semiconductor devices, basic amplification circuits, multistage amplification circuits, integrated operational amplification circuits, frequency response of amplification circuits, feedback in amplification circuits, signal operation and processing, waveform generation and signal transformation, power amplification circuits, DC power supply and analog electronic circuit reading are displayed in detail. It is worthy of repeated study by practitioners.

3. Digital Logic Circuits

This book is about logic circuits. The main content is practical, with a large number of examples and exercises. Digital Logic Circuits adopts national standard graphic symbols, and briefly explains the meaning of the symbols where they appear, so that readers can gradually learn to read common logic symbols in the process of learning Digital Logic Circuits. It is convenient for beginners to be familiar with common logic symbols, and it is also one of the compulsory books for beginners.

4. Digital and Pulse Circuits

This book mainly describes the basic principles, external characteristics and basic applications of digital circuits, including the basis of digital circuit analysis, logic gates, combinational logic circuits, flip flops, sequential logic circuits, semiconductor memories and programmable devices, pulse circuits, digital to analog conversion and analog, and digital conversion. It can be used as a common reference book for PCBA circuit board maintenance posts.

5. Single Chip Microcomputer Technology and Application

This book mainly introduces the basic structure, working principle, instruction system, program design, system expansion and engineering application of single chip microcomputer. It can also be used as a common reference book for PCBA circuit board maintenance posts.

6. Chip Level Maintenance of Industrial Circuit Boards from Introduction to Proficiency

This book was published by Chemical Industry Press in 2018 by Wang Wenzhong. This book introduces the chip level maintenance technology of industrial circuit boards without drawings, including the identification of circuit components, the use of maintenance tools, typical circuit analysis, component testing, maintenance methods and techniques, and a large number of maintenance examples. This book can be used for maintenance training.

7. Color Diagram of Industrial Circuit Board Chip Level Maintenance

This book was published by the Chemical Industry Press in August 2019. The author is Wang Wenzhong. This book introduces the chip level maintenance technology of industrial circuit boards without drawings in detail. First, the maintenance methods based on component detection and circuit analysis are explained, which can enable PCBA circuit board maintenance personnel to master basic maintenance skills. Then, the maintenance examples of various circuit boards in various fields are introduced respectively, with high-definition color pictures, so that the maintenance personnel can see clearly and repair accurately. These cases are not only learning materials, but also practical references. When maintenance personnel encounter similar problems in actual maintenance, they can fully refer to the operation.

8. Inspection and Maintenance of Electronic Components from Beginner to Mastery

This book focuses on how to understand the circuit diagram, the use of maintenance tools, the detection methods of various components, the actual detection of components in the circuit board, basic circuit maintenance, welding technology and other contents. It is an advanced maintenance book that has been thoroughly explained in the detection and maintenance of electronic components so far, and has comprehensive practical measurement and maintenance contents. It is worthy of repeated study by PCBA circuit board maintenance personnel.

The above are all recommended books. You can read selectively according to your own actual situation. With sufficient theoretical basis, you should practice, learn and summarize more to be competent for PCBA circuit board maintenance.

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