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Circuit board factory: What occupational hazards will SMT cause?
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Circuit board factory: What occupational hazards will SMT cause?

Circuit board factory: What occupational hazards will SMT cause?

In the SMT workshop, different jobs will have different occupational hazards. However, as China pays more attention to environmental protection, some chEMIcals that cause high harm to human beings have been banned. The SMT workshop is becoming more and more standardized, and the occupational hazards brought by working in the SMT workshop are becoming SMAller and smaller.

The hazards of SMT occupational diseases mainly include:

1. Air conditioning disease

These equipment are required to work in a constant temperature and humidity environment, and people working in this environment for a long time will rely on the environment, whICh will produce the so-calLED air conditioning disease.

2. Dermatosis

Because some dust-free workshops contact with some chemical raw materials on the PCB board, it will lead to skin diseases and some radiation of the equipment.

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3. Mental fatigue

Nowadays, SMT workshops will be pressurized in the workshop, so that the oxygen in the workshop will reach about 40%, which makes people excited to work in this working environment. Long term excitement will lead to mental fatigue.

4. Heavy metal hazard

The SMT process is generally divided into leaded process and lead-free process. If there is a lead process (solder paste and tin wire are leaded), lead is a toxic heavy metal, which is very harmful to human health (the use of lead products is prohibited in European and American countries). If there is a lead-free process, it is less harmful to human health, but tin itself is also a heavy metal, which is harmful to human health after it enters the human body, and people often contact these heavy metals, They will breathe, wash their hands before eating, and enter the human body by touching food with their hands, causing harm to the human body.

5. Equipment radiation

In AOI, 5DX and other posts, these devices will emit some radiation, which will affect human body cells. In addition, if the posts are engaged in wave soldering and reflow soldering, these furnaces will also emit toxic gas, which will affect the body.

All kinds of workers in the society will have corresponding occupational diseases, such as myopia and spondylosis of office workers. There is basically no work without occupational diseases. Nowadays, the harm caused by SMT workshop is getting smaller and smaller. As long as you take precautions, the harm to your body is actually very small.

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA processors will explain to you what occupational hazards SMT will cause.

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