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The circuit board manufacturer explained the anti-static of SMT workshop
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The circuit board manufacturer explained the anti-static of SMT workshop

Methods and precautions for electrostatic protection in SMT workshop

With the continuous development of electronic manufacturing technology and the improvement of manufacturing process, the functions of IC devices become more and more powerful, which also brings some problems. This kind of IC is more sensitive to static electricity, electrical surge, mechanical stress, thermal stress, etc. Because static electricity is too easy to produce, friction can produce static electricity. The harm of static electricity to IC devices is very great, so in the SMT workshop, the protection of static electricity is very important, Various methods need to be developed to prevent the generation of static electricity.

1、 SMT electrostatic protection method

In the SMT production process, it is almost impossible to prevent the generation of static electricity. Only when static electricity accumulates to a certain extent can it harm components. What we need to do is to control static electricity within a reasonable range. The protection methods in SMT workshop are as follows.

1. Grounding

We know that today's taller buildings will be equipped with lightning rods, through which lightning can be introduced to the ground to avoid being struck by lightning. The same is true for static electricity protection. The plant, equipment and floor can be grounded for static electricity, which can reduce the damage of static electricity.

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2. Control the humidity of SMT workshop

When it comes to dry and windy autumn or winter, when you sleep at night and take off your clothes, you often hear the sound of crackling, which is the generation of static electricity. Therefore, it is easier to generate static electricity when it is dry. The humidity of the environment is controlled in the SMT workshop through air conditioners and other equipment.

3. Use anti-static materials

The friction between objects often generates static electricity. In SMT production workshop, the surface resistance of 105108 Ω? Cm anti-static material.

4. Wear uniform anti-static work clothes

Some chemical fiber and cotton clothes are easy to generate static electricity when contacting with objects such as the workbench. At this time, you can wear anti-static work clothes and anti-static slippers together.

5. Wear an electrostatic bracelet

When working in the SMT workshop, people often touch the components, and the static electricity on the body will easily damage the components, so employees are often required to wear static rings in SMT chip processing plants.

2、 Precautions for SMT electrostatic protection

1. When conducting induction training for new employees, it is necessary to strengthen the publicity of anti-static knowledge. Only by observing anti-static methods can employees truly reduce the damage of static electricity to components.

2. In SMT production workshop, mobile phones, bags and other items should be placed in special places to prevent static electricity generated by these items.

3. Before entering the workshop, take electrostatic discharge measures and wear anti-static work clothes.

In a SMT chip processing factory, it depends on whether the factory is professional or not. In fact, it can be judged by observing whether their anti-static measures are in place. There are many methods for electrostatic protection in SMT workshop, but these are just some of them. What good methods do you have. The circuit board manufacturer, circuit board designer and PCBA manufacturer will explain the methods and precautions of static electricity protection in SMT workshop.

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