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Explain in detail the differences between PCBA, SMT and PCB
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Explain in detail the differences between PCBA, SMT and PCB

Explain in detail the differences between PCBA, SMT and PCB

Many people who are new to the electronIC industry are often confused by the three names PCBA, SMT, and PCB. It is difficult to distinguish the differences and connections between them. Next, I will talk about the differences and connections between PCBA, SMT, and PCB in plain language to help large companies better enter the industry.

1、 What are PCBA, SMT and PCB?

1. The Chinese name of PCB includes circuit board, circuit board, printed circuit board, etc. PCB is used to support electronIC components and provide circuits so that a complete circuit can be formed between electronic components.

circuit board substrate

printed circuit board

This is the blank board of the circuit board

2. SMT is a popular process technology at present. Through a series of processes, electronic components are mounted on PCB blank boards, also known as surface mounting technology.

SMT patch

Finished products after SMT installation

3. PCBA refers to the processing process of one-stop services such as SMT mounting, DIP plug-in, testing and finished product assembly after raw material procurement.

ICT test

ICT online test

2、 Differences among PCBA, SMT and PCB

1. PCB, also known as circuit board, is an essential raw material for SMT processing. It is only a sEMI-finished product.

2. SMT is a kind of Circuit board assembly technology. It is the most popular process technology at present by buying back the PCB substrate and mounting components on the PCB through technology.

3. PCBA is a kind of processing service based on SMT. It increases the purchase of components, and the subsequent testing and assembly of finished products. It is a service mode that provides one-stop service for customers and is the direction of future development.

When an electronic product is processed, its sequence should be such as PCB → SMT → PCBA. PCB production is very complex, while SMT is relatively SIMple. PCBA pays attention to one-stop service.

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers will explain the differences between PCBA, SMT and PCB.