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How to select SMT processing plant?
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How to select SMT processing plant?

How to select SMT processing plant?

There are many SMT processing plants, and many medium and large companies have quietly launched SMT production lines to meet the needs of products. How to select a reliable supplier among many SMT processing plants? From the perspective of industry professionals, this article suggests screening from the following perspectives to ensure that your selection costs are minimal, which is conducive to long-term cooperation.

1. Concept of Cooperation

SMT processing, as a link in the entire electronic product manufacturing process, under the condition of highly developed equipment and improved management, the professional cooperation of SMT processing plants seems to determine whether your PCBA boards can be delivered on time, controlled in quality and repaired in time. These added values are far higher than the unit price gap between 8% and 9%. How to inspect the compatibility of SMT processing plants? Start with people. Through talking with the management and even the boss of SMT processing plant, observe whether they have sincere attitude and faith. In addition, you can also learn about the reputation of the processing plant and the customer cases served by the third party.

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2. Quality Control

In order to reduce the unit price, many SMT processing plants fight in the market at the risk of sacrificing quality, reducing QC personnel or not providing AOI for testing. In the process of evaluating the SMT processing plant, it is necessary to observe and understand in detail whether the IQC, after furnace intermediate inspection, QC and other series of posts in the warehouse are set, whether the AOI testing equipment is reasonable, whether it is opened and used, and whether the engineering personnel introduce and document the quality management methods. Only by fully understanding, can you ensure that your products can be processed perfectly.

3. Work Passion

The mental outlook of front-line employees and managers determines whether your products can maintain a high yield and consistency, because products are made by people or operating equipment. Whether the communication with the manager is smooth and passionate, and whether the employees are meticulous and perform their duties.

4. Give Up These Audits

·Look at the factory scale: unless your order is 100k, any SMT processing factory can do it

·Look at SMT equipment: unless PCB boards have very small materials (such as 0201 and below) or complex processes (POP, etc.), general SMT equipment in factories can do it

·Look at the quotation: at the first sight, if the quotation is slightly off the mark, it will reject a SMT processing factory, which may be a very good one. Those who dare to speak are competent and have requirements for quality. The initial quotation can only be referred to, or even not

·Look at the chest: It is very risky to choose this supplier emotionally based on SMT processing factory's promise to pat the chest or happy chat.

Good companies have long-term stable SMT processing plants, while poor companies are always looking for and repeating yesterday's story. It's time to reflect on your purchasing behavior. Grasping the above methods to select SMT processing plants can be beneficial to the selection of suppliers.

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