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PCBA OEM Needs To Understand The Risks

Long-term maintenance of IC, resistors, capacitors, inductors, audiodes and other components procurement advantages, can greatly save customers' inventory costs, improve production turnover efficiency, save time.

PCBA OEM how to choose the chip inductor?

Different products, the selected coil diameter is different, the opposite inductance, the DC resistance is not opposite. In high frequency circuit, DC resistance has great influence on Q value

What costs will pcba OEM involve

If you want to do these planning things well, you should have a correct understanding of the whole production process from a number of different angles

Actively and effectively control the cost of PCBA OEM

Effectively control the cost of PCBA OEM materials: first, active planning and management, second, strengthen monitoring, third, comprehensive application

Effectively control the cost of PCBA OEM

In the process of PCBA proofing, what knowledge points need to be mastered: first, knowledge points of PCBA proofing, second, application of PCBA proofing

How to effectively control the cost of PCBA OEM?

PCBA proofing knowledge: 1.PCBA component installation, 2.PCBA testing, 3.PCBA assembly, 4.PCBA audit

PCBA OEM function, process, and related matters for attention

PCBA OEM has three main functions: 1. Assembly chip, 2. Processing, 3. test

What is the meaning of PCBA OEM?

Take a look at the PCBA OEM classification: 1. Technology-oriented, 2. Processing-oriented

PCB Artificial intelligence breakthroughs

PCB copy board to help the rapid expansion of the industryChinese artificial intelligence industry can be divided into computer vision, basic algorithm and platform, chip, speech and natural language processing.

PCB outgoing SMT processing and PCBA OEM

Which is more economical, PCB outsourcing SMT processing or PCBA OEM?

Advantages of choosing PCBA OEM service

PCB manufacturers explain the benefits of PCBA OEM service

What are the advantages of PCBA OEM mode?

PCBA OEM mode is now a development direction of the electronic manufacturing and processing industry. This article will give you a detailed analysis of the specific advantages compared with the traditional SMT processing.

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