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PCB Artificial intelligence breakthroughs
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PCB Artificial intelligence breakthroughs

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Chinese artifICial intelligence industry can be divided into computer vision, basic algorithm and platform, chip, speech and natural language processing.


China's artificial intelligence policy was introduced later than that of the United States, but it soon raised its development to a strategic level from the national level. In 2015, the country released the first 10-year outline of action to implement the strategy of making China a strong manufacturing country, Made in China 2025, whose core is to accelerate the deep integration of the new generation of information technology with the manufacturing industry and promote intelligent manufacturing. Immediately after the publication of the "Internet Plus" action opinions, it shows that China has put artificial intelligence in a very important position.


By March 19, 2019, the Committee of the People's Congress of the CPC Central Committee had reviewed and approved the Guidelines on Promoting the Deep Integration of Artificial Intelligence and the Real Economy. The document proposes to grasp the characteristics of the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence, combine the characteristics of different industries and regions, explore the path and method of application and transformation of innovative achievements, and build a data-driven, human-machine collaboration and cross-border integration of intelligent economy. It can be seen that the government is determined to elevate artificial intelligence to the national will, and artificial intelligence has become an important driving force leading the development of science and technology.


According to the promulgation of industry-related policies above, since 2017, the focus of domestic AI related policies has shifted from intelligent technology to the integration of technology and industry. In addition, most provinces and cities in the country have begun to mention AI in the "Internet +" planning and set up "AI special" and other industrial support actions in the strategic emerging production planning. Therefore, the scale of China's artificial intelligence industry has rapidly increased from 11.24 billion yuan in 2015 to 21.69 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 40%. According to the application of domestic artificial intelligence industry, China Information and Communication ACADemy predicts that by the end of 2018, the scale of China's artificial intelligence industry will reach 39.9 billion yuan.


Computer vision has become the focus of the current, basic algorithms and chip scale gradually increased


Chinese artificial intelligence industry can be divided into computer vision, basic algorithm and platform, chip, speech and natural language processing. In 2017, the scale of Chinese artificial intelligence industry reached 21.69 billion yuan, in which computer vision made the largest contribution, accounting for 37% of the total; The second is voice technology module, accounting for 22 percent of the scale.


As the development of artificial intelligence technology continues to mature, in 2018, the enhancement of Chinese artificial intelligence machine learning, Shenzhen learning and other algorithm fields promoted the continuous breakthrough of computer vision, voice and other technologies. The AI chip products released by Google, NVIDIA, Aweigh, and CAMbodia entered the commercial MARKet stage in large quantities, and the artificial intelligence industry continued to grow and deepened integration with vertical industries.


At present, there are many industrialization directions of artificial intelligence technology. Computer vision technology and intelligent speech recognition technology have been applied in many fields such as finance, education and medical treatment. With the further development and implementation of artificial intelligence technology, deep learning, data mining, automatic programming and other fields will also be realized in more application scenarios, and the development prOSPect of artificial intelligence technology industrialization is improving.


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