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Features of high power bidirectional DC test power suppl
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Features of high power bidirectional DC test power suppl

ANEVT series of high-precision bidirectional DC test power supply is a high-tech product which integrates high frequency PWM rectification technology, bidirectional DC transformation technology and FPGA digital control technology. With adaptive power grid feedback function, can meet the full power segment of continuous energy feedback grid. At the same time, it has the function of seamless switching of positive and negative output to realize the seamless docking of energy transmission. Double loop control technology, to achieve ultra-high control precision, and rapid response to customer equipment applications, to ensure the stability of equipment testing and the accuracy of test data. Ultra-wide range of voltage and current output capacity, rich output programming testing functions, better meet the needs of customers for different product testing. The device also has multiple protection programming functions, which can better protect the security of the customer's equipment during the testing process. At the same time, many additional functions of products improve the stability and reliability of equipment operation.


Product Features

Power grid feedback function: It has two characteristics of power supply and load at the same time. Besides the performance of high-power DC power supply, it can realize the load function of energy automatic feedback to the power grid, with the outstanding advantages of energy saving, consumption reduction and green environmental protection.

High precision output: output voltage, current accuracy ±0.1%F.S.

Fast dynamic response: 10%-90% sudden load and 90%-10% sudden load reduction output voltage response time 5ms; +90% to -90% Positive/negative switchover time 10ms.

Mainstream high-frequency PWM rectifier control technology, power factor 0.99, THD and injected harmonic current meet the requirements of GB/T14549-93, high quality energy back to the grid.

Optimized bidirectional DCDC conversion technology, wider output voltage range, 0V- full scale adjustable.

Adopt advanced IGBT parallel technology to meet the rated value of 1.5 times and above the peak power and peak current output.

CC, CV, CP three working modes.

Multiple protection functions: input over and under voltage, phase loss, output over voltage, IGBT overheating, IGBT over current, over temperature protection, short circuit current limiting protection.

Built-in EMI filter can filter out interference signals caused by high frequency switching process.

Communication and remote control function: standard CAN, RS232/RS485 communication interface and remote control software of upper computer.

With programmable output slow - up function.

Large-screen LCD display, compatible with button and touch screen operation, suitable for all kinds of harsh operating conditions.

Lock screen (key) function: When the customer does not operate the power supply for more than 5 minutes, the power supply will automatically lock the keyboard and touch screen input.


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