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PCB Board Design Process Ten Defects Summary

Defects in the PCB board design process will bring huge hidden dangers to the finished product.

Seven Common Methods For Making PCB Copper-Clad Plates

Copper Clad Laminate, referred to as CCL, is a common base material, usually used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards (Printed Circuit Board, referred to as PCB).

Kingford to Explore The Impact Of Automotive Electronics On PCB Industry

As cars become more intelligent and electrified, automakers are increasing their demand for the quantity and precision of electronic components.

24 Tips To Reduce Noise And Electromagnetic Interference In PCB Design

24 tips to reduce noise and electromagnetic interference in PCB design,

What Should Be Paid Attention To In High Quality PCB Design?

Signal interference is the most important factor to consider in PCB layout design. Here are some basic ideas for reference.

PCB Circuit Board Open, Short Circuit Causes And Improvement Methods

Designers using this approach can focus on masking the microstrip length of the copper foil in order to obtain good performance for signal integrity. For systems that use dense connectors in the communication structure, the designer can use a PCB as the t

High Frequency PCB Interference Problems And Solutions

In the high-frequency circuit, the noise of the power supply has an obvious effect on the high-frequency signal. Therefore, the first requirement is that the power supply is low noise.

The Significance and Design Difficulties of PCB Copper Coating

The significance of copper coating is to reduce the ground impedance and improve the anti-interference ability. Reduce voltage drop, improve power efficiency.

PCB Board Deformation Hazards

PCB board is composed of copper foil, resin, glass cloth and other materials. Each material has different physical and chemical properties. there will inevitably be residual thermal stress, which leads to deformation.

PCB Design Considerations For Switching Power Supply

Review according to PCB checklist, including design rules, layer definition, line width, spacing, pad and hole Settings, focusing on the rationality of device layout.

PCB Lecture Hall: What is a multilayer board??

The first layer in the middle is laid with multiple GND, several lines can be laid, but do not divide each layer of copper; The second layer of VCC copper in the middle has multiple power supplies laid separately. A small number of lines can be laid, but

PCBA Processing How To Avoid PCB Board Warping?

In order to prevent deformation of many electronic products, the thickness of the board is left at 1.0mm, 0.8mm, or even 0.6mm.

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