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pcb circuit board

PCB circuit board reserved process edge benefits

Customers place orders to PCBA processing plants according to their actual needs and put forward specific requirements. The processing plant will evaluate its capacity to see if it can fulfill the order. If the manufacturer is sure that they can complete

Chemical deburring process of PCB circuit board

The process does not require specialized technical personnel to operate, operators only need to go through simple training, and in the operation, only need to pay attention to the general chemical reagent operation safety can be. In terms of environmental

Halogen PCB circuit board

Halogen PCB circuit boardHalogen refers to the halogen elements in the periodic table of chemical elements, including fluorine (F), chlorine (CL), bromine (Br), and iodine (1). At present, flame retardant substrates, such as FR4, CEM-3, etc., are mostly b

Advantages and disadvantages of different surface treatments of PCB circuit boards

Nickel gold is a kind of surface treatment technology with large application. Remember: nickel layer is nickel phosphorus alloy layer, which is divided into high phosphorus nickel and middle phosphorus nickel according to phosphorus content.

Common impedance pcb circuit boards

Common impedance pcb circuit boardsDefinition of Impedance: In a circuit with resistance, inductance and capacitance, the hindrance to the current in the circuit is called impedance. Impedance is often represented by Z, which is a complex number. The real

High Density PCB Circuit Board Technology and Application

High Density PCB Circuit Board Technology and ApplicationHigh-density circuit board technology is a key technology in the field of modern circuit board design and manufacturing. It enables more circuit components to be integrated on the circuit board by i

Aluminum substrate PCB circuit board

Aluminum substrate PCB circuit board Introduce the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic PCB circuit boards. One of the disadvantages is that the ceramic substrate is too expensive and fragile. Ordinary glass fiber PCBs have poor heat dissipation, ce

PCB circuit board assembly process

PCB circuit board assembly processCircuit boards are found in just about every electronic device you use, and while they're common, that doesn't mean they're simple. Producing circuit boards by SMT is a complex business, and proper assembly requires the r

PCB circuit board (printed circuit board)

PCB circuit board (printed circuit board)1. IntroductionPCB circuit board (printed circuit board), also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board, referred to as printed board, English referred to as PCB (printed circuit board) or PWB (printed

How to maintain PCB circuit boards to extend the service life?

With the rise of the electronic industry, circuit board production and development has become a more and more important part of PCB proofing a circuit board is not simple, easy to say.

PCB circuit board factory introduces PCB light curing

At present, for PCB curing, the most suitable use or UV light source, because UV light source has the characteristics of other mercury lamps do not have, just take the light source, UV light source is a cold light source, the curing principle is that the

How to calculate the cost and quotation of PCB circuit board

to see what is the surface treatment process, we commonly have: spray lead tin (hot air leveling), OSP(environmental protection board), spray pure tin, tin, silver, gold and so on, of course, the surface process is different, the price will be different.

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