Kingford focus on the high-quality PCBA order demand of "Multiple varieties, medium and small batch, and short lead time".

circuit board manufacturing

Among the four ceramic circuit board manufacturing technologies, laser activated metallization will become the main process

With the gradual development of electronic products to fine and intelligent, more materials are applied in them. Understand the characteristics of various materials used in the product, and adopt more suitable laser processing technology and process.

Explain the process of PCB circuit board manufacturing and packaging

Not paying attention to the packaging of products can bring immeasurable benefits.

PCB circuit board manufacturing

With the development of computer technology, printed board CAD technology has made great progress, PCB production technology level also continues to multi-layer, fine wire, small aperture, high density direction rapidly improved.

PCB test points and their importance to circuit board manufacturing

Automated testing is essential to validate the manufacture of printed circuit boards. The bare board test will check that the wood-based board has good connectivity, while the ICT and fly pin tests will verify the board assembly and welded connections.

The original PCB high-frequency circuit board manufacturing process is as follows

Circuit board manufacturing, circuit board design and PCBA processing manufacturers explain the original PCB high-frequency circuit board manufacturing process

Detailed explanation of flexible circuit board manufacturing for pcb proofing

PCB manufacturing, PCB design, PCBA processing manufacturer will explain the manufacturing of flexible PCB for pcb proofing

Key points of pre fabrication engineering design of multilayer circuit boards

The circuit board manufacturer will explain the key points of pre manufacturing engineering design of multilayer circuit boards

What is circuit board manufacturing?

The circuit board makes the circuit miniaturized and intuitive, and plays an important role in the mass production of fixed circuits and the optimization of the layout of electrical appliances.

Harm of Lead in PCBA Processing

Analysis on the causes of lead-free circuit board fabrication -------- The harm of lead

Is this how the circuit board is made?

Description method is to manufacture the circuit board requires the least tools, manufacturing process is the simplest of a method, but the accuracy is not very high, suitable for beginners.

The circuit board manufacturer imports MES system

The circuit board manufacturer explains how to correctly import the MES system

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