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Circuit board factory

Step of circuit board factory processing process

Drilling: The use of all imported precision high-speed drilling machine, large production area, 8-axis drill at the same time drilling, efficiency and quality at the same time to ensure the auxiliary process to ensure the roughness of the empty wall, conv

PCB circuit board factory introduces PCB light curing

At present, for PCB curing, the most suitable use or UV light source, because UV light source has the characteristics of other mercury lamps do not have, just take the light source, UV light source is a cold light source, the curing principle is that the

PCB circuit board factory to share the main causes of PCB board explosion and prevention countermeasures

Although baking is the best way to improve the burst board, baking not only wastes time, but also wastes equipment and manpower, and the Tg value will decrease after baking PCB is also a problem.

Tianjin circuit board factory

All digital logic circuits can be simplified by the above three kinds of circuits, that is to say, a circuit can be composed of NAND or NOR circuits. Let's take a look at their characteristics to deduce the characteristics of digital CMOS circuits.

Circuit board factory: Which kinds of rigid circuit boards are classified  

The common multilayer board is generally 4 or 6 layers, complexMultilayer board can reach dozens of layers.

Shenzhen Circuit Board Factory: How to disassemble the integrated circuit on the circuit board

Keyou Circuit is a dedicated to PCB rapid proofing and mass production, with high precision single side/double side/multilayer circuit board .

COB ceramic circuit board factory how to reduce the cost of LED lamps

Many manufacturers are using ceramic COBs to process LED, because this can further reduce the cost of LED energy-saving lamps.

Circuit board factory teach you how to distinguish PCB circuit board is good or bad?

many times if the site sorting, rectification and other work to do, then some of the existing quality problems will improve a lot.

PCB circuit board factory application robot will become a trend

PCB industry is technology-intensive and capital-intensive, but it is still labor-intensive. A large number of automation equipment needs manual operation and assembly line operation. A medium-sized PCB enterprise has thousands of employees.

Circuit board factory explains the design of Pi filter for power supply ​

PCB processing and PCBA processing manufacturers will explain the Pi filter design of the power supply and the arrangement of low-pass filters

Circuit board factory explains the design of high-quality printed boards Part 3

Circuit board assembly and circuit board processing manufacturers explain high-quality printed board design Part III

​Circuit board factory explains the design of high-quality PCB circuit board Part II

Circuit board assembly, circuit board design, and circuit board processing manufacturers explain high-quality PCB circuit board design Part II

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