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What rules should PCB thermal design follow?
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What rules should PCB thermal design follow?

What rules should PCB thermal design follow?
Electronic equipment must dissipate heat during operation, so thermal design must be seriously considered when designing PCB circuit schematic diagram; Once the design is improper, the reliability of electronic equipment will be adversely affected. What rules should PCB thermal design follow?
Thermal Design of PCB
1. From the perspective of facilitating heat dissipation, PCB circuit boards should be installed vertically, and the distance between boards should not be less than 2cm.
2. For equipment cooled by free convection air, it is better to arrange the integrated circuits in the longitudinal way; For the equipment with forced air cooling, it is better to arrange the integrated circuits in horizontal length:
3. The components on the same PCB shall be arranged in zones as far as possible according to their calorific value and heat dissipation degree: components with low calorific value or poor heat resistance (such as small signal transistors) shall be placed at the top of the cooling air flow; Devices with high heat generation or good heat resistance (such as power transistors) are placed at the downstream of the cooling air flow.
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4. In the horizontal direction, high-power devices are arranged as close to the edge of PCB as possible to shorten the heat transfer path; In the vertical direction, high-power devices shall be arranged as close as possible to the top of the PCB circuit board to reduce the impact of the device operation on the temperature of other devices.
5. The devices sensitive to temperature are better placed in the area with the lowest temperature (such as the bottom of the equipment), and multiple devices are better staggered on the horizontal plane.
6. In the design, the air flow path should be studied, and devices or printed circuit boards should be reasonably configured; Avoid leaving a large airspace in an area.
7. A lot of practice shows that the temperature of printed circuit can be effectively reduced by using a reasonable device arrangement.

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