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Self-study PCB design how to learn
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Self-study PCB design how to learn

Now many people have joined the zero-based learning PCB design team to come, but learn to learn, everyone will inevitably enter a period of "confusion", do not know where to learn, do not know what to do next. Here is a guide for beginners, showing you how to get started in PCB design on your own.

1. Clear goals and customize plansWe all know that having a clear goal and a customized plan before you start a project can greatly improve your completion rate and productivity. Beginners learn PCB design, first of all to clear two points:

1, learning PCB is not rigid geosciences theory knowledge, theory is for practice service, so your goal is to be able to independently design a PCB board, all for practice operation service, remember.

2, learn PCB and master, the purpose is not to learn, to always bear in mind, PCB design is just a tool and means, all for the operation of service.

PCB board

Two, master drawing software, learn to look up information

A little circuit knowledge base and drawing basis of friends will be relatively easy to learn, because PCB design is inseparable from these things, is the foundation of the foundation, so if you do not have these two aspects of skills, self-study PCB design at the beginning of the first time to learn the two - to master the drawing software and circuit diagram knowledge.

The way to do this is to pick up a good graphics software, like Altium Designer, do some research, get familiar with the skills of the software, and then try to build devices that you are familiar with, such as add-ons, analog and digital, etc., and then learn to build a component library.

3. Be familiar with conventional design specifications

The purpose of early learning is to master the basic drawing skills. You can operate the drawing board at will. When you can draw a dozen or twenty boards independently, you can enter the learning of middle-order skills.

In the middle learning stage, the purpose is to master the general specifications of PCB design, which is more professional in general. At this time, when you use Altium designer drawing board, you should pay attention to some specification knowledge, such as the design of power filter capacitor needs to be closest to the Vin pin, the minimum principle of the main power loop of the power supply, etc. In addition, we should pay attention to the appearance of the board, save the cost of the problem.

Third, improve the quality of PCB design

After the middle stage of learning, basically drawing the board is learned, and the next step is from the ordinary type to the master. At this time to practice self-study PCB design, the focus is not to pay attention to the number of boards, but the quality of the board, such as when you draw the board, may need to spend a long time to think about a sense line how to go the "small" problem, after all, it involves the stability of the precision.

PCB board

There are three ways to learn printed circuit board well:

Understand how components work

Master digital circuit and analog circuit, master hardware knowledge, master safety certification knowledge, master EDA software.

From some simple electricity slowly start, slowly accumulate the principle of components.

Theoretical basis of learning

I can learn schematic diagram reading ability, interconnection tool use, interconnection scheme design ability, wiring skill rules, board testing ability.

After understanding some basic theories, you can use some simple simulation software to simulate learning and accumulate some experience.

Hand-made plate

After mastering the above knowledge, you can start to solve the fundamental problem, combining theory with practice.

You can start with the breadboard, because breadboard is simple, easy to use, easy to get started, and you can master some of the essentials of PCB design. From breadboard to cave board, finally to PCB design, we slowly improve our skills, slowly from the cute new to the big shot.

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