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V-CUT process problem of PCB board
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V-CUT process problem of PCB board

When PCB is assembled, a large part of the way is V-CUT, which is convenient for customers to divide the board. In this paper, some problems and control methods of V-CUT process are briefly discussed:

1. Problem: The upper and lower V-shaped slots of printed circuit machining are not aligned


(1) Bad guide pin

(2) bad guide hole

(3) Program error

(4) When grooving, the board will slip and offset

(5) The measurement technique is not correct

(6) Accidental increase or leakage of V-slot in machining of printed circuit


(1)A Check whether the guide pin is worn out and replace it if necessary.

B Check the alignment of the guide pin and realign it if necessary.

(2)C Check the size of the guide hole.

D Check that the non-plated through hole guide hole has not been accidentally plated with copper, and remove the copper layer if necessary.

E Check the correlation between the position of the guide hole and the graphics of other copper parts on the panel.

F Redesign the guide pin with a cone Angle and revise the guide hole diameter.


(3) Whether the program data is correct, and confirm whether the working LAN diagram is correct; Confirm the correct version of the program used, and correct the input data if necessary; Or adjust the deviation of the machine.

(4) Check the air pressure of the machine, necessary to be adjusted; Check whether the fixing mechanism is worn and adjust its fixing force properly.

(5) Check the alignment of the board when measuring the position of the line; Check whether the measuring probe is worn and replace it if necessary; Or re-calibrate for the equipment.

(6) It is necessary to confirm whether the slot position is consistent with LAN diagram; Check whether the set value of the machine is consistent with the correct data, and correct if necessary.

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The characteristics of PCB splitter and the principle of fixture

fixture and fixture, because of their close usage, are often confused and misused.

Jig focuses on working and guiding tools; The jig focuses on holding the tool in a fixed position. Some devices that have both functions (control and guide tools) are also called jigs, but devices that only hold but do not have guide tools are called "jigs" rather than "jigs". In the era of numerical control system has reduced the use of fixtures.

Jigs have been widely used since before the industrial age, including mechanical jigs, woodworking jigs, welding jigs, jewelry jigs, and other fields. Certain types of fixtures are also called "molds" or "accessories" whose primary purpose is to reproduce a part for repeatability and accuracy. An obvious example is when copying a key, the original key is usually fixed to the fixture, so that the machine can copy the new key from the guide of the original key appearance.

Drilling fixture is a fixture type that can guide twist drilling equipment or other drilling devices to the exact center position of each hole by moving the die and can accelerate repeated positioning in the center of the hole on multiple interchangeable parts. In iron work practice, hardened bushing rings are typically hardened in every hole of drill jig to prevent hardened drills from cutting the jig.

The advantage of using fixture is that if it is the same product, even if the worker is not very skilled, it can quickly produce a large number of good products by fixture with few defects and low variability. The disadvantage is that for a variety of small amount of production mode, so that many fixture results in the defect of increasing production cost.

The characteristics of PCB splicing machine and stable operation mechanism, prevent improper external force caused by PCB tin surface, solder joints, and other electrical circuit damage to reduce the stress of the splicing board, prevent solder joints cracking special round knife material design, to ensure the smoothness of PCB splicing surface cutting stroke distance adopt touch control five-stage adjustment, can quickly change different PCB size and install high frequency eye protection lighting device, improve the operator Personnel operation quality strengthen safety device, avoid the injury of human negligence.

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