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Electronic Components Procurement Summary
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Electronic Components Procurement Summary

                                         Electronic Components Procurement Summary

The premise of purchasing is to understand and be familiar with what you purchase, that is, to learn the relevant knowledge of electronic components. Then comes the needs assessment, determining the type and quantity of components to procure electronic components, developing a procurement budget and formulating the requirements in the bill of materials (BOM). After the determination is made, the next step is to perform operations such as inquiry, price comparison and finding suppliers. 

      How to know the cost price for bulk? This is actually an inquiry, which requires actual communication with the supplier to know. Because the price will change with the demand quantity, and will also be affected by distance, transportation method, etc., so there will be no fixed wholesale price. Most of the batches and unit prices displayed on various websites, wholesale prices require face-to-face negotiation or other contact methods. rogers 4350B PCB (4) – Top Circuits Technology Co.,Limited; PCB ...

    What can be done well in this regard is to find reliable suppliers through reliable channels to make inquiries, and after comprehensive consideration of price comparison and other quality comparisons, choose the most cost-effective supplier > How to choose a supplier? The premise of the selection is to have a choice. The more common supply channels include purchasing directly from the manufacturer, authorized dealers or purchasing platforms. Buying direct from a manufacturer refers to a manufacturer that mass-produces and stocks electronic components and sells them through authorized resellers and/or directly to end users. In addition, manufacturers provide technical support and after-sales service to customers. Buy from authorized resellers Authorized resellers act as "middlemen" between individuals or companies and electronic component manufacturers. Distributors may have warehouses that stock products from various brands and websites through which customers can place orders. Many manufacturers rely on authorized resellers to distribute their products throughout the market. Some types of distributors in the supply chain include: Broad Distributors: Also known as "one-stop shops," broad distributors offer a wide selection of components to customers who purchase products from multiple brands through a single supplier. Specialty Distributor: A specialty distributor is a company that stocks parts and components that cater to a specific industry (such as auto parts, robotics parts, etc.). >

                     The procurement platform spent two days sorting out several reliable online procurement platforms for electronic components, as follows: >How to ensure quality? From the object point of view, quality assurance mainly revolves around two main factors: electronic component suppliers and electronic components themselves. After electronic component suppliers find potential suppliers, they need to check whether the suppliers meet the quality standards of the enterprise. The following points can be used to evaluate and maintain the inspection of suppliers. Supplier background check: Don’t just look at the supplier’s display, conduct a corresponding background check on the supplier, whether there are any violations of laws and regulations, as well as peer evaluations, customer evaluations, etc. Audit the reliability of the supplier's factory: On-site confirmation that the supplier has appropriate quality assurance and quality control procedures. Certification: Check whether the supplier has the necessary certification and ask the other party to provide relevant qualification certificates. The electronic components themselves After evaluating the quality of the suppliers, the next step is to evaluate the quality of the actual components. This starts with ensuring that when component specifications are provided to suppliers, they are accurate in terms of technical specifications, labeling and packaging. And after receiving electronic components, regular quality inspections are carried out. From the perspective of business process, it focuses on supplier lifecycle management and procurement business process management to ensure quality. And it can form a competitive advantage in the supply chain, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote the digital transformation of enterprise efficiency and management. Supplier life cycle management Supplier life cycle management can effectively shorten the delivery period, improve product quality, reduce procurement costs, and enhance the adaptability and competitiveness of enterprises in market competition. 

           From supplier admission, cooperation to evaluation and grading, from potential suppliers to qualified suppliers, to ensure that the company's supplier system is orderly and monitored. >Enterprise Communication: "Two Closed Loops" advanced management concept achieves enterprise integrated procurement, collaborative procurement business whole-process management focuses on the entire business process, forms a competitive advantage in procurement, and drives the entire process to ensure information between all links in the procurement process Unimpeded, improve work efficiency, and make the procurement process more standardized and transparent; at the same time, through information sharing, rational use and allocation of resources will bring maximum benefits to the enterprise.

1. You can't just rely on a few websites. IC, you can find it on these two websites, and he can also find it, so if the channel only relies on such websites or resources, unless the company has very strong customers Background, high-quality customer base

2. There are not many secrets to excellent electronic component procurement, that is, you can continue to accumulate and develop new resources without complacency. If a procurement says that my channels are enough and no new channels are needed, everyone will think this is wrong. It is understandable, because the original factory agents will change, and many traders rely on the original factory agents for their channels.

3. It is necessary to develop resource channels other than Huaqiangbei. For example, there are many non-Huaqiangbei channel resources in the Buweier IC integrity circle, such as Chengdu, Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Henan, Suzhou and other regions. If you are a Excellent procurement will definitely be to join such a circle, because a continuously advancing circle is constantly increasing high-quality channel resources, you do not have time and energy to develop, the relevant person in charge of the circle will help you develop, and at the same time, as long as you are good at using it alright.

4. The channel is what everyone thinks they know, but he can get good prices and sources of goods from here, but you can't, and you don't! The purchasing cases of many members of Buweier IC Honesty will illustrate this point. Many members have purchased many sources of goods that others cannot obtain, or prices that others cannot obtain from companies that everyone thinks they know!

5. To be an excellent procurement of electronic components, one of the abilities that many colleagues lack is business ability. I have seen that the procurement of a small number of companies can also help the business to achieve performance and develop factory customers, because it is beneficial to communicate with factory procurement. There are a lot of common topics, because they are all doing procurement, and there are difficulties in purchasing, and no one is embarrassing anyone! Purchasing and sales are one, the same person, what do you think?

6. International procurement capability is very important, and there are not many trading companies with international procurement capabilities, so an excellent procurement also needs to have international procurement capabilities, and can find goods from all over the world

7. Purchasing is hard work, as long as you continue to persist, one day the daughter-in-law will become a mother-in-law!

Some people say that the company pays more attention to business, but our procurement bosses don’t pay much attention to it. That’s because many companies’ businesses are at the forefront, so an excellent procurement needs to take the initiative. Maybe you can run at the front of the business. At this time, procurement will definitely more important than business

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