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PCB Assembly Service
PCB Assembly Service
Will you choose a PCB assembly manufacturer
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Will you choose a PCB assembly manufacturer

More and more electronIC companies begin to carry out customized services for pcb board proofing. There is no fixed price range, and the price needs to be determined according to the size, quantity, process, special PCB process, delivery date, packaging type, etc. of the circuit boards you need to customize. So how can so many customized companies find a customized company for their own PCB circuit boards? This article will explain to you from eight aspects.

Customer Experience


A good reputation is the primary factor for us to use as a reference when choosing the customized service of PCB proofing. When selecting a multi-layer pcb board proofing manufacturer, we can first search the relevant data and information of the manufacturer on the Internet level. The manufacturer with its own official website must be reliable. The website is not enough. It depends more on whether the website has updates of company news. Active company news updates indicate that the company really exists and remains active all the time. If you can directly make inquiries and place orders on the website, then this manufacturer is more trustworthy, because it shows that the factory has a higher working efficiency, and using the website to communicate is more efficient than using telephone or other methods.

Production qualification

The qualification of multilayer PCB manufacturers can be reflected in many aspects, such as whether they have obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification, whether they have passed the UL certification in the United States, and whether they meet the relevant Production requirements of the European Union ROHS. Secondly, confirm whether the factory has many past cooperation cases and has a formal business license by various means, so as to determine whether the factory has a good reputation.

Service attitude

All powerful multi-layer PCB proofing manufacturers are not achieved overnight, they need to rely on high-quality production quality and good customer service awareness. Before sales, we can observe whether the manufacturer can quickly make appropriate solutions for customer needs; After sales, we need to see whether the manufacturer can provide timely and professional after-sales service to feel the quality of its service attitude. And when the user has doubts about the product order, whether the manufacturer will take care to solve the user's doubts and difficulties, and strengthen the user's understanding and familiarity with the product. When the product has problems, whether the manufacturer responds in time to provide users with strong technical support and help them solve the problems. All these details can be the reason why we choose them as production partners. After cost control clarifies customer needs, good PCB manufacturers can provide customers with appropriate solutions based on their own experience to reduce customer order costs. Of course, the prEMIse of cost control is not to affect the realization of product functions and quality standards. Only when the cost of circuit board is reduced can the cost of Circuit board assembly be reduced, which is the idea of effectively reducing the assembly of printed circuit board advocated by Xunde.

PCB board proofing

Value creation

When users choose the services of PCB assembly manufacturers, it is actually a process of trust and value creation. The high-quality customized service of manufacturers can be comprehensively and effectively transferred to the electronic products provided by electronic companies for the MARKet, thus creating higher value. Therefore, good PCB manufacturers provide good services to users and create more potential value for users. The product quality is the soul of the product. Only by strictly supervising each production process and using good materials can the pcb proofing and customization manufacturers ensure the product quality and do a good job of quality control. At the same time, it is necessary for purchasers to understand how the PCB customization process is, so as to better cooperate with PCB customization manufacturers, reduce unnecessary communication costs, improve production efficiency and create more value.

technical support

A good PCB customization manufacturer needs a strong technical team. It not only shows that it has rich production experience, but also can become a strong backing for PCB quality assurance and meet various requirements of users for PCB.

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