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Advantages of SMD parts and poor PCBA welding
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Advantages of SMD parts and poor PCBA welding

Advantages of SMD parts and poor PCBA welding
SMT wafers This process has the advantages of high reliability and low solder joint defect rate. It can reduce the external interference to the circuit board, which is a very useful link to achieve automation and increase production At the same time, it can also save manpower and save a lot of resources for production
Now, no matter what you do, you need efficiency. The patch processing can save human resources and improve efficiency. This technology will certainly be accepted by this industry, and science and technology are developing rapidly. No matter what industry, if it can not adapt to the environment well, it will be eliminated. Only when it is good enough, it will be left behind.
Electronic products are getting smaller and smaller, and we can't reduce the number of patches we used before. Now the function of this product will be more perfect. Traditional circuit can not meet these requirements. A large number of products can be produced by processing SMT wafers. The whole production is automatic, which can reduce costs, have good quality, meet market demand and improve market competitiveness.


SMT chip processing technology can meet the requirements of chip processing of various electronic components. Many electrical appliances are made in this way, and the whole process is relatively simple. Professional chip processing is mainly used for insulating materials of some large integrated circuits and transistors.
Its density is relatively high and its mass is relatively small. Its total volume and weight account for about 0.1, which is traditionally common. Its volume is reduced by about half and its weight is reduced by about 60%. Its reliability is quite high, and it has a certain anti vibration ability. These characteristics can reduce electromagnetic and radiation interference, and greatly improve the utilization of raw materials.
And it can reduce energy consumption, reduce equipment use frequency, reduce manual working time, and greatly improve work efficiency. In this case, many coastal areas use this professional chip processing technology and vigorously develop electronic processing. After the technology is put into production, only a small amount of manpower can complete complex tasks, which is an important step in electronic production.
What is the poor welding phenomenon in PCBA processing plant
PCB processing is based on PCB design and production materials. Excellent PCB design is conducive to subsequent PCB processing. Incomplete design will affect the processing process and even the product quality. Then what is the bad welding phenomenon in professional PCBA processing
1. There are holes on the spot welding surface of PCBA processing plant: the main reason is that the gap between the welding wire and the socket is too large.
2. Welding wire is different: this problem is usually caused by the quality of flux and welding wire and insufficient heating in PCBA production. When the compressive strength of spot welding is insufficient, it is easy to cause common failures when encountering external forces.
3. PCBA processing plant has too few welding materials: the main reason is that the welding rod is removed too early. Poor spot welding has poor compressive strength and conductivity, and due to external forces, it is easy to lead to the common short circuit fault in electronic equipment.
Tip: The key reason is that ferrochrome is selected from the wrong direction during SMT mounting, or the temperature is too high to increase the flux.
5. Whitening of spot welding: usually caused by too high temperature of soldering iron or too long heating time.
6. Peeling of welding layer: The peeling state of welding layer after high temperature is easy to cause problems such as short circuit fault of electronic equipment.
7 PCBA processing factory cold welding machine: spot weld the surface like tofu The key is that the soldering iron temperature is insufficient or the weldment moves before the welding material congeals The spot welding quality is poor, the compressive strength is low, and the conductivity is poor. This is a common fault, and it is easy to cause electronic equipment short circuit by external force
8 Cracks in spot welding: the main reason is poor penetration of welding wire or excessive gap between welding wire and socket. Poor spot welding can be opened and closed temporarily, but as time goes by, electronic equipment is prone to common short circuit faults. Excessive welding materials: the key is that the welding rods are not removed immediately.
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