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How to purchase SMT mounters and plug-in programmers
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How to purchase SMT mounters and plug-in programmers

How to purchase SMT mounters and plug-in programmers
Buying motivation and starting point
New product oriented
These customers choose the placement machine, whICh is generally centered on the process technology of new products. The efficiency of the placement machine must fully meet the process requirements of new products The efficiency of the placement machine is mainly reflected in the precision of the placement, the size of the corresponding processing components, and the size of the PCB
Capacity expansion oriented
This type of customer is mainly due to the sudden increase in order volume. The current scale can not meet the production demand of the order, and the line body needs to be greatly expanded.


Pay special attention to equipment installation speed and investment benefit ratio when purchasing With the accelerated upgrading of electronic products, investors hope to complete and meet the production demand of orders in the shortest time, and the price of equipment should not be too expensive, and the investment benefit should be effective
Equipment replacement oriented
The customer is mainly because the equipment of the factory has been used for more than 15 years, the speed and precision cannot meet the order quantity of the existing products, and the production utilization rate of the old equipment is too low<60%, resulting in low human output, causing serious problems and waste. If a company wants to survive, it must be eliminated. Because they are not easily affected by the pressure of order quantity and time, customers usually have enough time to make detaiLED and comprehensive choices on equipment efficiency and configuration.
Labor saving oriented
With the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend in 2018, many companies are facing difficulties in recruitment and new labor costs. With the advent of Industry 4.0 SMArt factory era, the trend of machines gradually replacing labor is irresistible. Most companies are looking for a smart device that can replace manual operation. The first prerequisite for selecting intelligent equipment is that the equipment replaces the artificial investment benefit calculation. Investors usually need to be able to see the return on investment (ROI) as soon as possible, and want the ROI to be as short as possible. In addition, the universality of equipment is also an aspect to be considered.
New company/factory or new functional requirements
To build a new factory from scratch, the equipment selection is mainly based on the product characteristics of the order and the 3-year plan of the whole factory. You can refer to the new product oriented approach.
In short, before SMT places the machine, you must first clarify the purchase motivation and select the appropriate equipment according to the focus of the motivation
How to purchase
After the purchase motivation is clear, we need to make a reasonable purchase. Before purchasing, we need to know the production status of the SMT manufacturer, including the annual import quantity, price and MARKet reputation. Secondly, we need to understand the basic characteristics of each brand of equipment and the actual use of the market.
Market share analysis of SMT mounter
The market share of SMT mounters can be determined by referring to imports, or according to the data actually used in the market The figure below shows the customs import data of SMT from January to August 2018 In terms of amount, Panasonic has the largest total amount, followed by Fuji/Yamaha/Hanwha The following table also shows that the highest unit price is ASM, and the relatively low unit price is Hanhua

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