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SMT patch is the most popular and important equipment
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SMT patch is the most popular and important equipment

SMT patch is the most popular and important equipment
Why SMT patches are popular in the electronic industry
SMT Industry Introduction
SMT: Abbreviation of surface mount technology in English, which in Chinese means surface mount welding (installation) technology, a technology that welds electronic components to the surface of a circuit board. As a new generation of electronic assembly technology, SMT has the advantages of compact structure, small size, vibration resistance, high production efficiency, etc. Surface mount technology occupies a leading position in the circuit board assembly process. Main equipment of SMT assembly line: printing machine, mounting machine, reflow soldering, etc.
Why is smt chip processing technology so popular? Advantages of SMT chip processing:
1. Small size and high assembly density of electronic products
The volume of SMT chip module is only about 10% of the traditional package module, and the weight is only 10% of the traditional chip module.
2. High reliability and strong anti vibration capability


SMT chip processing adopts chip components with high reliability, small size, light weight, strong anti vibration ability, automatic production, high installation reliability and low solder joint defect rate.
3. High frequency characteristic, reliable performance
Because the chip modules are firmly installed, the devices are usually lead-free or short leads, which reduces the impact of parasitic inductance and capacitance, improves the high-frequency characteristics of the circuit, and reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
4. Improve production efficiency and realize automatic production
Automatic placement machine (Yamaha automatic placement machine ysm-10/ysm-20) uses vacuum nozzle to suction and release components. The shape of the vacuum nozzle is smaller than that of the components, thus increasing the installation density.
5. Reduce costs and expenses
SMT chip processing technology can save data, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc. The cost can be reduced by 30% and 50% respectively!
It is precisely because of the complexity of SMT wafer processing process flow that there are many SMT wafer processing plants specializing in SMT wafer processing.
The most important equipment in SMT chip processing
The core equipment of SMT processing is SMT machine. Automatic placement machine is used to realize high-speed, high-precision and automatic placement of components. It is the most critical and complex in the whole SMT production. The equipment mounting machine is the main equipment of the mounting production line. The placement machine has developed from the early low-speed mechanical placement machine to the high-speed optical centering placement machine, and has developed into multi-functional, flexible connection and modularization.
As a high-tech product, the safe and correct operation of the placement machine is very important for both machines and people. The most basic thing for safe operation of the mounter is that the operator should have the most accurate judgment and follow the following basic safety rules.
Machine operators shall receive operation training in correct methods; When checking the machine, replacing parts or repairing and internal adjustment, turn off the power supply (check and repair the machine when pressing the emergency button or turning off the power supply; when adjusting the machine, make sure that you have the YPU (programming component) in your hands, and stop the machine at any time; Ensure that the "interlocked" safety device remains effective to stop the machine at any time and that the safety check of the machine cannot be skipped or shorted. Otherwise, personal or machine safety accidents are likely to occur;
During production, only one operator is allowed to operate one machine; During operation, ensure that all parts of the body, such as hands and heads, are outside the moving range of the machine; Use the machine in flammable gas or extremely dirty environment.
In addition, it should be noted that SMT chip processing plants are strictly promoted from operating on the machine without training; Safety, the machine operator shall operate the machine in strict accordance with the operating specifications, otherwise the machine may be damaged or personal safety may be endangered; The machine operator should be careful
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