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Improve the quality of smt and the links needing attention
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Improve the quality of smt and the links needing attention

Improve the quality of SMT and the links needing attention
Improve quality SMT patch processing products
The smt chip processing technology has been widely used in the electronIC industry Product quality SMT patch processing is related to the actual effect of product molding, which is also a test of enterprise strength Improved SMT SMT processing products are available in every SMT factory
1. Select enterprise scientific and technological personnel. Establish a product quality organization network within the enterprise to provide timely and accurate product quality response, select product quality personnel to act as product quality inspectors on the production line, and the product quality department is still responsible for management; Avoid other factors interfering with the determination of product quality.
2. Ensure the accuracy of equipment and equipment testing and maintenance. Inspect and maintain the product through multimeter, anti-static wrist, soldering iron, ict and other necessary equipment. In this case, the product quality of the equipment itself will directly affect the quality of the products produced. In order to ensure the reliability of the equipment, timely inspection and measurement shall be carried out according to the provisions.
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3. Formulate product quality regulations. The Quality Department shall formulate necessary rules and regulations related to product quality and department responsibility system, limit avoidable quality accidents through laws and regulations, give clear rewards and punishments, and participate in product quality assesSMEnt by economic means; And set up a monthly enterprise quality award.
4. Implementation of management measures. For quality control, in addition to strictly controlling the quality of the production process, the inspector shall also take measures to conduct sampling inspection (or overall inspection) on the purchased parts before they are put into storage, determine that the percent of pass does not meet the requirements of national standards, and return the goods. The inspection results shall be recorded in writing.
5. Set product quality process control points. In order to ensure the normal processing of the chip, it is necessary to strengthen the quality inspection of each process to monitor its operation status. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish product quality control points after some key processes, so as to timely find and correct quality problems in subsequent processes and prevent unqualified products from entering the next process.
The patch processing plant needs to pay attention to the links in the patch processing
PCBA is actually a circuit board in the general sense. Strictly speaking, a complete PCBA circuit board is not a SIMple circuit board, it is a collection of high-tech. From the aircraft with hundreds of thousands of light years, it can be as SMAll as home remote control, and the chip can be as small as 5nm. Then it can be integrated into the circuit board through SMT chip processing and DIP welding to achieve various functions.
PCBA is actually a circuit board in the general sense. Strictly speaking, a complete PCBA circuit board is not a simple circuit board, it is a collection of high-tech. It is hundreds of thousands of light years away from the aircraft, as small as home remote control, and as small as 5nm chip. Then it is integrated into the circuit board through smt chip processing and DIP welding to achieve various functions.
The whole process starts from PCB to SMT chip processing, various inspections and tests. Only qualified PCB can enter the MARKet. Among them, only SMT connection requires 9 inspection processes. In the production process of such a process, what should we pay attention to? Today, I would like to share with you what SMT processing plants need to pay attention to in patch processing:
1. Temperature and humidity of the production workshop. According to the industry standard of electronic processing workshop, it stipulates that the ambient temperature value of SMT processing plant is 25 ± 3 ℃ and the humidity value is 0.01% relative humidity. Since there are many precision parts in the whole processing process, they are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity. At the same time, the relative humidity is very beneficial to the management and treatment of static electricity.
2. Professional operators. Since the process flow of SMT must be meticulous, all processes look simple. However, if the operator is not very skilLED, it is easy to happen that the reliability of SMT solder joints is not high and the defect rate of solder joints is high because of insufficient detail control. In this case, professional training is required before the placement machine is officially used. Trained employees can not only improve productivity, but also increase productivity.
3. The volume ratio of tin powder particles most commonly used in solder paste for SMT chip processing to flux is about 1:1. Before SMT wafer processing, the solder paste must be reheated (the characteristics and requirements of the solder paste make it necessary to store it at low temperature) and fully stirred. Most importantly, temperature recovery cannot be achieved by super normal heating.
4. After that, PCBA processing has been completed. If the customer does not pick up the goods in time or needs temporary storage, first pay attention to the storage method After that, we must consider the customer's transportation route to choose the appropriate packaging method and degree Pay attention to the dryness and humidity of the environment to avoid being affected by moisture. Oxidation and other defects in products that are not equipped with a housing and are not painted with 3 anti paint during this process

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