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Understand the complexity of SMT processing and red glue
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Understand the complexity of SMT processing and red glue

Understand the complexity of SMT processing and red glue
SMT processing has created an industry that is taking shape. Many organizations that need fine technology will choose good SMT processing plants for processing What are the precautions for SMT chip processing?
Pay attention to electrostatIC discharge measures during chip processing. It mainly includes the design of SMT patch and the re established standard. In order to be sensitive to the electrostatic discharge during the processing of SMT patch, the corresponding treatment and protection are carried out. Measures are critical. If these standards are not clear, you can refer to the relevant documents for learning.
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SMT wafer processing must fully comply with the above welding procedure qualification standards. During welding, common welding and manual welding are usually used. For the welding technology and standards required for processing SMT chips, refer to the Welding Technology Evaluation Manual. Of course, some high-tech chip processing plants also carry out 3D construction for the products to be processed, so that the effect after processing will reach the standard and the appearance will be more perfect.
SMT wafer processing and welding technology are cleaning measures, which must be cleaned in strict accordance with the standards, otherwise the safety of SMT wafer after processing will not be guaranteed. This requires the type and nature of the cleaner, and the integrity and safety of the equipment and process should be considered during the cleaning process.
Red glue for patch processing
The adhesive for patch processing is the red glue for patch processing. Generally, the red (or yellow or white) paste is evenly distributed with hardeners, pigments, solvents and other adhesives, which is mainly used for patch processing. components are fixed on the printed board and usually distributed by dispensing or stencil printing. After connecting the components, place them in the oven or reflux oven for heating and hardening.
SMD treated SMD adhesive is cured after heating. The curing temperature of SMD processing is generally 150 ℃, which will not melt after heating. In other words, the heat hardening process of SMT processing is irreversible. The effect of patch processing varies with the thermal curing conditions, connecting objects, equipment used and operating environment. When using, the paster shall be selected according to the PCB assembly (PCBA processing) process.
PCBA patch processing red glue is a compound mainly composed of polymer materials Patch processing filler, curing agent, other additives, etc. Patch processing red glue has viscosity and fluidity, temperature characteristics, wetting characteristics, etc According to the characteristics of patch processing red glue, in production, the purpose of using red glue is to make the parts firmly adhere to the PCB surface to prevent them from falling
PCBA patch processing red glue is a pure consumable, not a necessary PCB process product Now, with the surface mount design and PCB process, through hole reflow and double-sided reflow are realized There are fewer and fewer mounting processes using the patch to process the patch adhesive

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