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What are the main SMT equipment of the SMT production line
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What are the main SMT equipment of the SMT production line

What are the main SMT equipment of the SMT production line
The full name of SMT is SMT, which means China's SMT SMT equipment refers to the machine or equipment used in SMT processing Different manufacturers can equip different SMT production lines according to their own strength, scale and customer requirements For semi-automatic SMT production line and full-automatic SMT production line, the equipment of each SMT production line is different, but the following SMT equipment is a relatively complete and rich configuration line
Loader: PCB board is placed on the shelf and automatically sent to the suction cup machine
Plate suction machine: pick up the PCB, place it on the track, and send it to the solder paste printer
Solder paste printer: Accurately leak solder paste or patch adhesive onto PCB pad to prepare for component placement.
Circuit board


There are three types of printing presses for SMT: manual printing presses, semi-automatic printing presses and full-automatic printing presses
SPI: SPI is the abbreviation of solder paste inspection It is called solder paste inspection machine in Chinese It is mainly used to detect the thickness, flatness and printing area of solder paste printer on PCB
Mounter: Use the program edited by the device to accurately install components on the fixed position of the printed circuit board. The mounter can be divided into high-speed mounter and multi-function mounter. High speed mounters are usually used for small chip mounters, while multi-functional unused mounters are mainly used to install large components or heterogeneous components in rolls, discs or tubes. They are characterized by high placement accuracy, but not as fast as high-speed machines.
Docking Station: A device used to transfer PCB boards.
Reflow soldering: located behind the SMT production line's mounter, it provides a heating environment to melt the solder paste on the pad, so that the SMT components and PCB pads can be firmly combined with the solder paste alloy.
Discharger: automatically receives PCBA through the transmission track.
The automatic optical inspection system, which is the abbreviation of English (Auto Optical Inspection), is called automatic optical inspection in China It is now commonly used in the appearance inspection of circuit board assembly lines in the electronic industry and replaces the previous manual visual inspection During the automatic inspection, the machine automatically scans the PCB through the camera, collects images, compares the tested solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database, checks the defects on the PCB after image processing, and marks the defects on the display/through the display for maintenance personnel to repair
X-ray: mainly used to detect the installation quality of various industrial components, electronic components and circuits.

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