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PCB Assembly Service
PCB Assembly Service
Dashboard Communication System Printed Circuit Board Assembly
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Dashboard Communication System Printed Circuit Board Assembly

The car dashboard has both technical and artistic functions, and is one of the styles represented by automobiles. The dashboard serves as a window reflecting the internal mechanical operation status of the vehicle, and is also the control center and decorated object of some equipment. It is the most eye-catching in the cab part.

In order to meet the high requirements of automobile performance, safety and technology, the automobile instrument panel needs to have the characteristics of high indication accuracy, uniform indexing, fast response speed and high reliability. In order to realize the function of the Printed Circuit Board Assembly of the automobile instrument panel communication system board, Kingford adopts To meet strict standards, before the formal production of PCB Assembly, we will design four meters, nine LED indicators, seven-segment LCD display (six digits), dot matrix display (18*2 characters), and serial communication module, Analog/discrete/pulse input, the microcontroller processes the data and controls the device.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Performance Parameters of Automotive Dashboard System

Service: One-stop service for PCB and SMT assembly

Material: FR4, High Frequency, Alum, FPC

Layers: 1-30 layers

Plate thickness: 1.6mm

Copper Thickness: 1 oz

Surface treatment: HASL lead free

Functional testing: 100% functional testing

PCBA test X-ray, AOI test, functional test

After obtaining the basic block diagram, Kingford will select the appropriate electronic components for the customer according to the needs of the customer, and under the premise of ensuring performance, price, availability and equipment compatibility. In addition, our company is equipped with special production equipment to respond to customers' requirements for fast delivery.

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.