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Purpose of PCBA test and how to position PCBA board and test fixture
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Purpose of PCBA test and how to position PCBA board and test fixture

Purpose of PCBA test and how to position PCBA board and test fixture

PCBA testing is a very important link in the PCBA processing plant. It is at the back end of the production process and an important means to ensure the quality of PCBA.

1、 Purpose of PCBA test

During the production of PCBA boards, it is diffICult to ensure that the PCBA boards produced are in good condition due to various factors such as production materials, production personnel and equipment. Therefore, PCBA test is required to ensure that the performance parameters of PCBA boards shipped to customers meet the requirements of the designer. The purpose of PCBA test is to ensure that the quality of PCBA board can meet customer requirements and avoid defective products.

2、 Significance of PCBA test

1. Helps to improve internal process

PCBA testing is at the back end of the production process, which can timely find the defects of PCBA at the final stage, facilitate the adjustment of SMT chip processing and DIP plug-in processing in the front process, and optimize the internal process.

2. Improve customer satisfaction

PCBA test is an important means to strictly control the delivery quality. Through the PCBA testing link, the PCBA boards with problems can be repaired, and the PCBA boards without problems can be shipped to customers, which can greatly improve the product quality, meet customer needs, and gain customer trust.


As an important link, PCBA testing is of great significance to optimize the internal process and improve customer satisfaction.

How to locate PCBA board and test fixture

After a series of production and processing, PCBA boards will be tested to ensure the delivery quality of PCBA boards. When the PCBA board is tested, the test point of the PCBA board should be accurately connected with the connection point of the test fixture. How can we achieve the accurate positioning of the PCBA board and the test fixture?

When PCBA board is tested, it is generally required to customize special test fixture for PCBA board. First of all, PCBA manufacturers need to provide Gerber for test fixture manufacturers; Then, the test fixture manufacturer shall make the test fixture according to the documents. The manufacturing process of the test fixture is as follows:

1. During the test, the final fixture control mode shall be selected according to the test requirements of the tested product and customers, and the pressing plate, carrier plate and other modules shall be designed.

2. The pressing plate or carrier plate of the fixture must be accurately positioned during design, so that the product cannot crush the test plate during testing.

3. The positioning of the test fixture shall be accurate and the connector connection shall be smooth.

4. The test fixture will have a box designed to put the test product inside. When designing the fixture, the box must have enough space and the layout in the box must be reasonable.

5. The reserved interface position of the test fixture shall be correct, sufficient and reasonably arranged.

After the PCBA test fixture is made, just put the PCBA board into the test fixture to achieve the positioning of the PCBA board and the test fixture. The accuracy of the positioning has a great relationship with the manufacturing process of the test fixture.

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