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​PCB manufacturing: principles and methods of PCBA processing quotation
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​PCB manufacturing: principles and methods of PCBA processing quotation

PCB manufacturing: principles and methods of PCBA processing quotation

PCB manufacturers and PCB designers explain the principles and methods of PCBA processing quotation

With the prevalence of the long board theory in the Internet era, the division of labor in enterprise specialization is becoming increasingly important. PCBA electronic product manufacturers will get more opportunities for customer inquiry. At this time, how to make targeted PCBA quotations is very important. To a certain extent, it determines the possibility of future cooperation.

Principle of PCBA processing quotation

1. Market and product analysis principles

In the face of the customer's PCBA processing inquiry, we need to obtain the evaluation basis from the information reserved by the customer (such as email, company name, website, name and title), so as to determine the company's size, market and batch potential, location, price and service acceptance ability, product added value and other information. In addition, relevant projects and dynamic information (if possible) of the company can also be obtained through Baidu, Google, LinkedIn, Weibo and other channels. The above work must be completed before the targeted quotation.


2. Alluring pricing principle

A competitive price for customers does not mean the lowest price. Especially for developed countries, they are very likely not to choose the offer with the lowest price. Therefore, we need to carefully evaluate and give an intermediate quotation (as follows) without sacrificing profits. For example, use a lower price displayed in batches higher than the customer's requirements to highlight. In addition, some processes with more tests and manual operations can be excluded, so that these negotiations can be clarified one by one when deepening business cooperation in the future.

3. Reflect the principle of specialization

The first PCBA quotation should be professional enough, which is reflected in the quotation format (such as the overall color, consistent font, professional typesetting, the use of handwritten signatures and seals, etc.). These can give customers an excellent impression of professionalism. After all, when customers print out all suppliers' quotations for discussion, a professional quotation will always bring a lot of impression points.

PCBA processing quotation method

1. Calculate all material costs according to BOM and Gerber documents

2. Calculate the cost of SMT patches and DIP plug-ins

3. Calculate the cost of PCBA test (such as ICT, FCT test, etc.)

4. Evaluation of packaging and logistics

5. According to the customer's region and product characteristics, the cost plus method is generally used for pricing, that is, when quotation=cost * (1+x%), where x requires the above comprehensive evaluation, according to experience, x is generally in this range: 20%

PCBA quotation is a kind of knowledge, which reflects the broad perspective and professional quality of sales personnel and is an important step to improve the conversion rate of potential customers.

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.