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How do SMT factories solve the issue of throwing materials?
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How do SMT factories solve the issue of throwing materials?

The next step is to introduce the common causes and solutions of SMT chip processing.

Common causes and solutions for SMT chip processing discarding materials

1, the suction nozzle problem

The suction nozzle is deformed, blocked, or damaged, resulting in insufficient air pressure and leakage, which can result in material extraction, recovery errors, and identification failures, and then the material is ejected.

Solution: Clean and replace the nozzle.

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2,Identify system problems

Poor recognition power, visual impurity or laser lens, debris and other factors interfere with recognition, improper selection of recognition light sources and insufficient intensity and grayscale, and the recognition system may be damaged.

Solution: Clean and wipe the surface of the recognition system, keep it clean, free of debris, etc., adjust the intensity and gray level of the light source, and replace the components of the recognition system.

3, the position of the SMT patch processing

The location and height of the material are incorrect, the wrong material is picked up and offset, the identification system cannot match the corresponding component parameters, and the identification system will discard it as invalid material.

4, Vacuum problem

Insufficient air pressure, the vacuum tube channel is not smooth, the guide material blocks the vacuum channel or the vacuum leak, resulting in insufficient air pressure or insufficient recovery and retrieval.

Solution: Sharply adjust the air pressure to the required pressure value of the equipment, clean the air pressure tube, and repair the leaking air passage.

5, SMT chip processing program problems

In the program, component parameters are not set correctly, and parameters such as the actual size and brightness of the incoming material do not match, which will cause identification to fail and be discarded.

Solution: Modify component parameters and search for the best parameter Settings for the component.

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